Monday, September 28, 2009


Here's my recent bonus check(see link for details) least I have one right?
Each year about this time, I play the game of wondering at what point I should bring in the remainder of my garden to protect it from the frost. I bask in the harvest and try to delay the laying of my garden to rest until the last possible moment.
It begins with the shortened days, followed by a distinct familiar crispness in the air. My hunger for fresh tomatoes and salsa subsides (but never leaves) and I begin to crave the comfort of warm soups and a fresh baked loaf of bread. Apples suddenly are the fruit of choice, and the strawberries and raspberries of summer have been laid to rest in the depths of my freezer. I eat one more bite of watermelon knowing it will be sometime before I truly appreciate it's refreshing cool on a summer's day...on and on it goes, each piece in exchange for another.
I often think of my life in the same way, a season of experience/change that will be followed by another. Each one with a distinct flavor and familiarity, that when gone, will leave me with a sense of longing and fondness. They may hold a distinct touch of sadness, excitement, joy or pain, that when laid to rest will linger in my being for the rest of my life.
I enjoy change, I enjoy the blank canvas that gets placed before me, ready for that first brushstroke. I often fear the uncertainty of the stroke, but generally marvel at the completed picture.
A wise woman once told me (Merilee George) that her grandmother told her to embrace every season of life because when it is gone we are unable to get it back. This I too believe, and hope to embrace. Because much like the change in the season, I believe we can feel the change in the air and we can prepare ourselves for the season that is just around the corner. Let us soak in its warm and bundle up for the cold. Whatever the season, let us greet it with a open heart and a willing hand. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hazel bird...six-plus months

Ummmm...Solid Foods...Peas are the favorite so far.
Still loves the Bjorn! Transitioning more to the pack pack...(to grabby for the bjorn) I fear she may burn her hands while cooking with me.

Loves to suck her thumb...especially with a blankie.

Still loves her mamma...I pretty much adore her too! I can't help but snuggle and kiss her sweet little face. She also loves to grab my hair and pull my face into her mouth. It really is like a big wet kiss. It's like she can't help but attack me too. Symbiotic snuggles.

(Click on the picture so you can see the thumb and blanket in action)
...and yes, lucky for us she still loves the bike trailer/stroller.

Oh and she has her first tooth.
We all seem to gravitate to her. Poppy tried changing her diaper yesterday (without my knowledge) she actually did a pretty good job. I was pretty glad however that it wasn't stinky.
Oscar loves to make her smile. Today after school he took her out of her swing and downstairs so that he could have her all to himself. I finally made him share her with Poppy. The two of them have competitions to see who can make her laugh and smile the most. It usually ends with Hazel crying in confusion.
Hazel can roll both ways and can do a great shoulder bridge. I think she may be a future Yoga instructor. She doesn't quite sit unassisted yet but is working on it.
I can't believe it has been six months! Where has it gone? Why haven't I posted all of the cute stuff you do??? It must be because you are baby #3. Gradually I am resuming normal mother just seems to have become a bit busier.
Hazel, if we have any more children it will be because you are so adorable! She truly is a great babe and I am so grateful for my three really great kids.