Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will You?

Hold on bloggie buddies as I briefly...unload a quick soapbox on voting.
#1. I hope you are registered to vote.
#2. I don't particularly want to know who you are voting for, or why. I do hope however, that you have seriously reviewed each candidate and will be making a well educated decision, based on actual facts not the spam smear campaign emails that infiltrate all of our eboxes. A good site to check out the fact is
#3. In a nation of uncertainty and common dis-trust for Washington politics in general, I hope that you will at least consider one of the two candidates and vote for the one that truly reflects the majority (we all know that both sides have plenty of things we don't care for) of your concerns.
#4. Hope...hope that with this coming election we will see some much needed improvement and some light into our dreary looking whitehouse.
Good luck to all and we'll see in a weeks time who holds the future of our nation.
Remember if you don't vote you can't complain about the job they are doing!

My vote is in...lucky for me our county is all absentee ballots and I got mine last week.
It's in the mail, and I feel relieved to have it sent off. To the rest of you who have to wait until next week...I wish you good tidings of happy polling.

Full fall days

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandma and pa visit

Ahhh...the peace and tranquility that abound in my house when the GRANDparents come to town.
Soccer games, walks, talks, jokes, stories, bike rides, ice cream...

It is so lovely to have them in town. In fact I find myself with free time and not knowing what to do with it.
The kids on the other hand, always enjoy the little extra TLC they get when they come to town. Poppy was quite sad when we only read THREE books before bed tonight...
Thanks for Making the trip guys! You can move right on in when every you want! That is, if we can get rid of the little mouse that seemed to like to scratch the wall by your bed...sorry!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Half way, Half Marathon

20 Weeks...or half way through pregnancy! That's what the Dr. said on Thursday, along with the A-OK to Run the half. He said and I quote "you know that pregnancy wise, you are entirely fine running the half...the only risk is falling, so be careful."
With a go ahead and feeling fine I decided I would give it a go, with the opt-out option at any time.

(Me and Ashley one mile from the finish)
To be quite honest, I felt great! At the turn around point I was once again reminded why I LOVE running so much! I love that every piece of my being is engaged (baby too). The physical, emotional,'s all there, actively engaged in one purpose. I just feel ALIVE!!!

(Check out Ricky's neck...mine was pretty bad too)
The protein we consumed in the form of bugs, was enough to fuel us through the race.

(Me, Dorothy, Mairi)
A couple of the other NIAC ladies ran their first half. I was so proud to have so many people I knew completing their first half marathon. There is something so inspiring in seeing someone accomplish it for their first time. Way to go to Ashley, Mairi, Dorothy, Sheri, Tera, and Beth!! All of these ladies (not all pictured) did it!!
Ricky took fourth place overall and first in his age group. My time was 2:17, not a PR but we'll just call it a Prego PR.

I have been telling myself for the past few weeks that I was only going to run through the half marathon and then, I would find another exercise source for those mornings...One thing is for sure...I'll see how I feel Tuesday morning and if my brain can handle the running withdrawal. But then, who knows if I were to actually stop running I may actually re-hab my hip for better post-pregnancy running. Ah, to run lighter with less weight hanging on my pelvis...that is somethign to look forward to!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

O' boy's firsts

Oscar's first race...the 1 mi. Pumpkin dash.
Here he is post-race stretching.
Both Poppy and Oscar got to take a pumpkin home.
He ran so fast and was the first kid finisher of the race. There was one other boy his age and he made sure that he never passed him. It was so funny to see this little competitive side of him.
Fall season of soccer...ok so not really a first, but it is the first time i think he really understands HOW to play. He and Kade (the boy in the white hat) are the only two first graders on thier team. I think they enjoy being the big boys. He is loving Soccer!
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And last but not least!! His 1st tooth fell out!!
He immediately pulled out his microscope and began investigating it. He had a hard time deciding on weather or not to "give" his tooth to the tooth fairy, in exchange for money. He loves to explore it. He eventually decided to put it under his pillow, and because the fairy knew he wanted it back, she left it along with the money.
He has now demonstrated that he can put a pretzel through the hole, and he has a whole new whistle.

Oh, and on the friend update...they are friends again and life is good. But we knew it wouldn't last too long. His bike buddy apologized and they are once again peddling to school.
I'm quite grateful because this pregnant body of mine is having a tough time making it up our big hills pulling the trailer with Poppy in it twice a day...let's just say my cardiovascular system isn't quite what it used to be.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tender hearted

This is the Valuable lesson taught in FHE (Family Home Evening) last night...doesn't he look like a fierce pirate?
Don't be fooled by the rough exterior. Deep down, or not so deep, is a very tender hearted boy.

More than once he has come home from school or church very concerned over the welfare of another child. Then there are the times he hears me listening to NPR and he learns a bout the war in Iraq...concern almost fills his entire soul with sadness for that other person/persons.
Yesterday was no different except this time it was himself who was offended. He favorite friend in the world, the one who is a couple of years older but seem to always love playing together, riding bikes to school every day together, told him that he no longer wants to be his friend.
He came home on the verge of tears and broke down on my lap. I couldn't imagine anyone NOT wanting to be friends with this fun loving, adventurous soul. I asked about the details and truly, like all kid fights, they were quite trivial...something about the bigger boy wanting to make Oscar stay on gear # 2 while he switched to gear #6. I'm sure there is the element of the older boys pride at stake, considering the younger boy is very fast on his bike...but this worth the fight???
Today was no different. The boy once again informed him that he no longer wants to be his friend. We once again have the tears and sadness.
Although I try to explain that you don't want to be friends who aren't kind anyway, I'm sure it hurts just the same.
My poor tender boy...Thank you for always looking out for others and being so kind.
And to all of those who try to show my sweet boy what a cruel world it can truly be...I say, go hide yourself in a hole and do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Poppy' 3rd B-Day!

For the past months since Oscar's Birthday, Poppy has only had one request for her birthday. A strawberry cake. It was always the same request with very little elaboration on what exactly that meant. A strawberry shaped cake? One that is strawberry? Or just strawberries on a cake?
We settled on making a strawberry cake (from scratch, no cheap box cake for my girl) with strawberry cream cheese frosting, and strawberries on top! And because I was not creative enough to turn this heart into a strawberry( as I was planning) we settled on a heart shaped strawberry cake...and she couldn't have been happier!
After a tasty cake we opened some of her presents...Thanks Grandma Edge for the fun has really kept her busy.
We partied with the new Candyland game and read her new "Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly" Book a hundred times.
Because we had the cake the night before ( due to soccer and other conflicts) Poppy and I spent her birthday morning reading more of her Fancy Nancy, and doing a bit of shopping for some butterfly wings of her own.
While visiting the fabric store for a pattern and some material, we came away with an already sewn, Pixy outfit that she declared as a butterfly. This mom couldn't have been happier to shell out the $20 for the outfit rather than paying the $40 on material and the time to make it.
I think we both got a little bit of a present.
We then went to lunch at the mall next door, just before going to have Ice cream at Ferdinand's with Dad.
Daddy and the Pink butterfly
Ummmm...Huckleberry ripple. I think she was having a great birthday!
After a few more rounds of Fancy Nancy I tucked her into her bed for a nap. When she woke up, we were back to normal: soccer, dinner, and dad's meetings.
It was kinda fun to do her birthday on a different 24hour schedule. That way she had a little more energy for it all.
Happy Birthday to the Poppy girl who is a Binki-free big girl who suddenly seems much to grown- up for a short three years.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Three Years Ago...

The Poppy Girl entered our world.

Her 1st Birthday! Ummmm delicious!
Her Second Birthday...a little less messy.
And as of Yesterday she is now 3! We had a great day and I'm going to post more about it when I actually have time to download the pictures...But happy Birthday to the Pop's!!!