Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Which came first???

The happy times of collecting eggs.
Here we are in Idaho visiting the grandparents. Oscar loves helping grandpa with the farm chores. Poppy really likes the chickens too...but from a distance.
Meanwhile, Smiley is in dogie heaven playing with the other dogs and teasing the chickens.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Delight!

Ummmm...shakes! Poppy and Oscar loved the Whip cream and sprinkles.
As for myself, I received some sweet tickets to a Wylie Gustafson concert...delivered in a box of chocolates! Ummmm ummm Good!
Some of you may not think that a concert for a great yodeling singer would be romantic. For me, there are few things finer in this world than a good yodeler. Oh yes, I'm quite excited to see him in concert. We saw a small preview of his abilities when we went to the Prairie Home companion show this last fall.
My Grandpa was a yodeler and when I hear yodeling my mind can't help but being swept away into the alps of my forefathers. For years I've told My sweet hubby that I love yodeling. There you have it! I'm excited!!!!
As for the Oatmuncher, we were sure to provide a plethora of dark substance no less than 70%. I may have slipped in a 60% (for variety sake). His chocolate drawer at work is now well supplied.
Happy Valentines day to the Blog World! I hope yours was as sweet as mine.
Now I leave you for some chocolate covered strawberries!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dragon Action!

The Night Oscar wore his dragon suit and made mischief of one kind...and another...and another...and another. His mother grabbed the camera and caught it on digital!
With your mouse on the scroll-down bar...pull down quickly to see the Oscar dragon in action! This was his evening entertainment. Dad was at scouts tonight so Lil'O had to provide his own action.
However fierce this dragon may appear...I should note that after the removal of the "dragon suit" and donning his PJ's, his request was to read his new favorite book...Snow White. Things aren't always what they seem.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Yesterday the Edgie Family went skiing at this small ski hill named Snowhaven in Grangeville, ID. It has one T-bar lift and one Rope-tow. We purchased two adult lift passes, one kid and one adult ski rental. All for under $50. It's not exactly a ski hill that the our Utah readers would envy...but for us it was great.
This was Oscar's first attempt at downhill skiing. At first Rick took him down the Rope-Tow and he and Oscar both hated it and Rick checked his skis back in.
I for once was actually the voice of reason and got the skis back so he could try "one more time". Four hours later Oscar was skiing like a pro! Ok, maybe not a pro, but he could go all the way down the rope-tow hill without holding onto me.
I actually can't take the credit though. Rick kept working with him (with Poppy sleeping on his back). After discovering he could actually put weight on his skis..he loved it!
By the end of the day Poppy had exploded in her diaper two times and we had to leave so we could find another diaper. Oscar was sad to leave the hill. He asked if we could come back tomorrow.
After purchasing some diapers for the Popster we went and ate dinner at "Oscar's Restaurant". They even let him take a pen home that said "Oscar's Restaurant".
With babies back in the car, purchasing a binki, and stopping 2 times for Oscar to pee. We traveled back to home (it's a 2hr drive).
When we were back in the car Oscar said "Dad I feel like I'm skiing!!!". Remember that feeling you get when you are finished roller skating or skiing? Oscar thought that was pretty cool.
Lastly, the pic at the top of Miss Poppy...She is adorned in the newly knitted scarf and hat that the the lovely Betina created for her. They are so adorable and Betina did such a great job!