Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where's Poppy?

Hint: She is in perfect 1st position, and may slightly be against class uniform by her tights! :0)
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The holiday re-cap

Hazel made sure that all of the ornaments stayed on the tree...
The making of the ginormous candy you see any train under there?
Poppy hiking in her newly acquired dress (made by grandma Edge) she wore it for four days straight!
The annual Christmas day 5k (we missed it last year due to the pinata accident). Hazel won the youngest participant award...Oscar ran the whole thing! I belive this is his first semi-official 5k. It was fun.
Aunt Rosie and her new boots!
O man working with his new Dremel tool...right up this boys alley. I laugh every time I see him in his safety glasses. He has now begun to wear a face mask too. He dosen't like the styrofoam going up his nose.
Poppy and the beutiful dress. The heaband was made by Aunt Emily.
This my friends was my gift from Rick and the kids...a dinner bell. I think this will be a present talked about for many years!

I'm sad to see the holidays go but grateful for the routines that the new year brings. Last year was really good to us. I'm looking forward to another. I think this was a landmark year for me as a mom. I am learning new ways of prioritizing our life and am finding comfort in simplicity. I'm learning that (as a neighbor recently told me) when raising kids "the days are long, but the years are short." I like being a mom. I really love it. I'm grateful that Rick works so hard so that I can be home with the kids. Because more than ever, I'm realizing that once they hit school years, things start moving much too quickly! Life is good!!!
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Skiing...Family Style

We asked the kids if they would rather go skiing as a family for a few days, rather than get a big Christmas present. They were unanimous, and us parents were quite pleased with their decision.

(Poppy wanted a knife full of cream cheese with her breakfast...Oscar was showing his disgust)
We opted for Silver Mountain in Kellogg, ID with a handy little resort at the bottom of the Gondola that takes you to the top of the mountain. The condo was delightful with the added benefit of an indoor water-park. It was pretty sweet!
Especially because we had Auntie Rosa to accompany us...(aka our nanny) It was really nice having her to take care of Hazel while Rick and I spent some time on the slopes with Oscar and Poppy. It was also a bonus that she could keep an eye on the Popster when she earned a good break on her first day. We all enjoyed her company! Thanks Rosie for coming with us!
Oscar took to the skis like a pro. Although, I inadvertently took him on a lift that may or may not have been a good idea. Needless to say, he and I made it may have involved some tears, prayers and a good deal of coaxing that his mother did indeed KNOW where we were on the map. Yes Oscar, one day when you read this you will laugh.
Hazel hung out with Rosie in the lodge...she liked being bundled up in her suit.
Poppy was very happy about her hot chocolate on the gondola.
Here is Rick Oscar and Poppy on the magic carpet.
Does this look like the face of a girl who is having fun?
I love this on it so you can see the humor in it. Oscar was taking his lunch break( yes, Cheetos were the lunch of choice)Hazel liked the gondola took about 30 minutes to go up or down. It was pretty relaxing though.

Rosie hanging out on the gondola...
Poppy's little spill and Oscar's snowplow...
Daddy and Miss P stayed together most of the time.
Oscar and me moments before loosing my favorite sunglasses off the lift. Ok maybe nit but it was sometime before I lost them...
I think they enjoyed the gift and will remember it much longer than a gift that could come in a package.