Friday, May 21, 2010

My boy!

This is my 8year old boy, who by the way, will be baptized tomorrow.
I'm feeling quite sentimental and proud to be a mother. Not because he is getting baptized, but because he is such an amazing kid. I must have done something really great in our life before this one, to be lucky enough to be the mother of three great kids.
Truly when I sit back and consider this life, and all that I have been given, I am humbled by my Heavenly fathers plan and for the happiness I have received.
This is a special day for him and I hope he will cherish it always.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Day to our Mommies!!!

Great Grandma Dilworth

Grandma Dilworth

Grandma Edge
(and the birthmomma Rosie)

Some flowers for you!
Dear Mom(grand, great, and in-law),

Thanks for being the great strong loving women that you are! Without sounding too cliche' or generic I hope each of you know that you have had a positive impact on my life and the life of my children. You are an inspiration to me. I often think of you and contemplate what choices you would make when I am in the midst of attempting to make a choice for my own parenting.
I appreciate you much more and more each year as I experience and recognize the million things you do and did everyday so that I and my family could be where we are today.
It is often a thankless job, with few short rewards. Thank you for being the women who made those sacrifices and created a world in which I could experience love, joy, happiness, and continual support as I make my own personal trek through this life.
Because of you I have an amazing husband, three beautiful children, and a sense of beauty, truth, and purpose for being the woman I am today!
Thank you!
I'm sorry your gifts weren't there to greet you this morning. They are coming...I'm sure you remember just how long it takes to get those packages created, assembled, packaged and sent. It is by no means a representation of our lack of love for you, on the contrary it is because we love you and want to give you something special, that we didn't just call and order you flowers today.
Here's a picture of some flowers to keep you company while your packages make their way to your doorstep!
We love you!!!
Love, the Edgie's