Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Really Fun Project

Visit this sight for a fun paper doll template.

October...Catch up style...

Grandma and Grandpa Edge came to town just before Poppy's birthday. I believe this may have been the first time in many years that grandma Edge has had her toenails painted. Poppy was pleased to have her undivided attention. It was great having them in town for a few days.
How I missed blogging about Poppy's 4th birthday I don't know, but she had it. She is now a four year old. Which basically means she gets to eat four bites of her dinner, instead of three. It seems to be working...she suddenly has now grown out of the clothes I just bought her last month. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the four bite rule...
Auntie Rosa has come to live with us for a while, and followed Poppy by turning 18! We had a grand ol' party to ring in her adulthood. It's been fun having her around. It's always nice when you have one more reader to read books!

Grandma and Grandpa Dilworth came to town to bring aunt Rosie's stuff. The kids enjoyed getting to see them for a short little visit. I think we need grandparents to come visit more often! (hint...hint)

Oscar in now officially a hillbilly...he's sporting his new look around town. I can't believe he is 7 1/2!!!! He is such a great kid! Who ever thought that I would have kids that actually loose teeth?? It seemed like it would never happen to me!
More Documentation that the girls are loving having auntie Rosa around.
Ummmm...chocolate chip cookies...
Hazel has managed to make it to her 7th month! She is eating real food, loves drinking water from my glass, can semi-crawl, gives some great belly laughs at her siblings and the dog, and is such a fun girl. And she has mastered the stand on hands trick.
Oscar is in his last week of fall soccer and although he is going to miss his awesome coach and really fun team, I am pretty ready for soccer to take a break. It's getting colder and darker outside, and it will make getting homework done so much easier!
This is his first year where I think he has really learned to love playing soccer as a sport, rather than a recreational playtime. One more sign that he is getting older...
Overall things are going well, busy but good.