Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Girl!

The pretty Poppy...note: Daddy did hair and picked the dress...nice work daddy!
Finally, almost finished...
Big brother being all to happy to help out.
Poppy scared to blow out the candles
(Girl worn out by all the partying fun!)
Two Years ago at this time...I was laying in a hospital bed, grateful to not be pregnant. I was probably getting a little sleep and snuggling with this sweet, little girl named Poppy who had come into our lives.
From the beginning, she was a feisty happy girl with an attitude that remains to this day. They say that some things are nurture, rather than nature, but I'm convinced that this little piece of heaven came this earth with a mission and a purpose, that even in the beginning she was willing to let the rest of us know, that she was determined and willing to complete her mission on earth!
Here, two years later, she remains this feisty happy girl who attempts to love and pinch anyone within her grasp. Don't worry, she only does this to those she loves! To those she dislikes she merely ignores their existence.
Today, as I snuggled her soft skin and kissed her sweet little cheeks my heart was full of the joy only a mother can truly understand. My nose could smell her sweet wispy hair and her soft little legs were tucked warmly in their little tights...These are the moments, that years from now, I want to remember. I want to remember her calls for "snuggle mamma". Her pretty little eyes and nose. I hope to remember the little love pinches that, I'm certain, are her way of showing me that she just can't quite contain the love she has for me. I too, at times lover her so much that I just want to squeeze and snuggle her and never let go.
Now, two years later...We have this little lady of a girl who loves ALL things female oriented...To this Grandma Edge has facilitated nicely in giving her the lovely kitchenette and kitchen accessories. Oscar too, loves them! I think we have a winning gift on our is the completed project. Thanks grandma Edge!
Thanks also to Jori and Andy, for the cute little aprons and the recipe box to make the set-up even better!
My gift was that of completing said Kitchenette! I hope in years to come Poppy with enjoy the pretty pictures and maybe someday, her kids can play with it too. Someday, when I have forgotten the feel of those sweet little legs and feet, I will be blessed with grand babies who once again, will feel the whole that only kids and babies can fill in a human heart.
Happy Birthday my little Poppy...One day, if you read this, you will know that your mommy loves you very much!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Here is the updated photo of the "Surprise" progress...I think polka-dots are out, bugs and flowers are in! Hopefully, I'll finish the cute embellishments finished this evening so tomorrow will be polyurethane coating time!
I am really getting excited to do the little creative touches on it...the artsy-wannabe side of me frequently gets placed on the back burner, to motherhood (which really is probably a good thing, considering how time consuming it can be).
Then when I'm at the beginning of a project, such as this, I find myself hesitating to jump into it, knowing how much time and effort it will require. I keep looking for this enormous block of time with all of the right conditions, until suddenly I have no choice but to take the project on...forgoing perfect, timely parameters! Then, once I'm immersed into the project I get this lovely euphoria of little fuzzies that make my creative juices spark to life! Little memories of doodling with my Grandma Dilworth, practicing for hours on how to draw an eye or a perfect curl of hair, come back to me. I'm transported back to those carefree days of youth where I can day dream of princesses and lands far away...very soon I'm certain my little Popster will stand in our playroom, pan or cup in hand, and too will, drift off to the world of play where she is the prefect mommy, serving up a tasty meal for her little ones...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surprise in the making...

In light of our sweet little Poppy's 2nd Birthday this coming Sunday, we are finishing the present that Grandma and Grandpa Edge sent for her...
So, where exactly does a parent keep such a large project-in-the-making, where the kids WON'T find it???
Yup, you guessed it...the Laundry room!
They (meaning Oscar, soon to be Poppy) already found the surprise in the shed out we decided one of the last places our kids like to play is the Downstairs, dungeon, laundry room.
Here is the make-shift work shop!
(hummm... does this mean I don't have to do laundry until it is finished???)
We are about to stain...This is where you come in, any input would be nice...We have a nice Antique sage, and and Ocean blue stain for the kitchenette...I'm thinking green for the majority and blue doors with polka dots?...Or maybe all green with a blue back-splash, and still polka-dotted-doors? How about no polka dots and some fun bugs and flowers...
Looking at this photo, given the colors of green and blue with various other color accented designs...what would you do????
Pre-stain went on tonight...staining begins tomorrow...Viewer with the best ideas, wins the joy of knowing that their idea will reside in our playroom for some time to come!!! And if it is really good, then maybe I'll send you some chocolate!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seasonal Sampler

(Poppy donning her fall fashionable layers...really she asks to wear a jacket ALL of the time...Just like me! She also isn't afraid to wear a mommy shirt as a skirt!)
With 61 degree temperatures (in my house) greeting me each morning, I am reminded if the seasonal change that is taking place around me. Forcing me to adorn myself with multiple layers of clothing in an attempt to conserve my precious warmth!! Blasted cold weather! I know, I know, it is only going to get colder...I need no reminder...It is just that summer went so quickly, and now, I find myself scrambling to soak in the last bit of sunshine and green that I can before the doom and gloom arrives!
On one cloudy morning this week, Oscar exclaimed "mom I wish there was no such thing as clouds!" My response was, "well, if we didn't have clouds we wouldn't have snow to ski on or rain to water our plants." To this Oscar replied, "I wish the stars would rain or snow so it would never be cloudy."
Yes, He must be my sun loving child...
Oscar also began fall soccer, this could be one of the saving graces of fall transition. It is very fun watching our little tike run on the field (mainly in the direction of the wrong goal) full of excitement. He really is liking soccer, even if the logistics of what the game is all about, are still quite unclear!
Ahhh...another good thing of fall...TOMATOES! Yes we are basking in the remaining abundance of tomatoes, that is until the first frost. Above is the latest canning success! The recipe comes from Betina by way of her friend Beth Moxley...

makes 10-11 pints

20 C ripe tomatoes, Italian plum type work best, peeled and chopped
3 C chopped onions
2-3 chopped green peppers
3-8 jalapeno peppers, chopped, the number depends on how spicy you like your salsa! (NOTE: wear rubber gloves when handling these peppers, the oil and juice can burn your skin)
1 C vinegar
3/4 C sugar
2 t dried chili seed (sometimes it's called crushed (not ground) red pepper)
1 t cayenne (this is the ground red pepper)
2- 12 oz cans tomato paste
parsley and cilantro to taste

Put all together in large kettle. Cook over low heat (simmer) to desired consistency.
Process in water bath canner: 30 minutes pints; 40 minutes quarts

***NOTE: Can just quarter un-peeled tomatoes and pulse a couple times in the food processor. I use 3-4 jalapenos, it's spicy enough for Roy.

(I did not "cook down" the salsa previous to the water bath and it turned out really pretty and not to mushy...I also would decrease the amount of sugar by a little bit and add a few extra jalepenos for the hubby)
Oscar, who doesn't like salsa, tasted some and liked it so it is a yummy kid-friendly version. Rick and I devoured a half-pint in just a few hours....very tasty! I plan to make another batch this week.
And just in case you thought that our Kindergartener had out-grown the Super-stage, don't worry...he still isn't afraid to strike a pose! In fact Poppy now will ask Rick and I frequently if there are "Bad Guys coming"...She can be seen trailing along with Oscar in Super hero play...I suppose they too are prepping for the up-and-coming indoor play...Goodbye Summer 2007!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Marathon Photos!

Pictures have been posted!!! Wooohoo! It won't let my copy and paste so here is the link.. I'm having issues with copy and past...sorry!

Bib #'s Me 2255, Rick 92, Betina 2814

One of my favorite pics was from the trash bin! Sadly, I can't figure out how to link you there!
If you go to the link below and then go to the drop down menu for lost and found, then to trash. from there go to page 7 of 33, scroll to the bottom, and it is picture 20-1978. It's a nice one of B- and ME our legs are in sync with each other..pretty cool. (I'll really be surprised if any of you find it!!! Maybe this could be like hide and go seek!!! )

Have fun browsing photos...My finish photo has a nice gob of people around...Rick, he is all nice and solo, and if you look in Betina's Finish photo it is crowded too but she at least looks good, and if you look closely you can see me back behind her quite a ways, in blue shorts!!! Betina and Rick win the photogenic award. To this, I already am aware I lack the photo-lookin-good genetic!
Happy hunting...too bad I can't just copy them on here for you to see.

Race Pictures Online3

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let the Post-Marathon Projects begin!

With training completed, or subsided a bit, I now can begin to catch up on all of the things I've been putting on the back table for the past few months.

1. Finish painting very cool vintage TV tray to hang in the kitchen
2. Stain and finish cute table and chairs that have been unfinished for the past year and a half.
3. Paint the very fun Kitchenette that Grandma and Grandpa bought for Poppy's B-Day. (Need to decide how to finish it...any suggestions? I'm kinda thinking funky polka dots...)
4. Paint the living room and bedroom.
5. Clean out kitchen cupboards...(Ricky will be pleased to see this on my list!)
6. Finish Oscar's bedroom...make the curtains with the material that I have had for the last year and a half.
7. Put molding around fireplace and window...consider revising old cast iron railings.

Yes, this is not all inclusive...certainly there are a bundle of other things that need to be done...but for now here is my list! It will not be completed tomorrow but I'll post the progress as it work at it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top Of Utah

Betina and Me! (Post-Marathon)Here's the best of the Pics we had taken...this will have to do until others are posted. Sadly, the Ricky wouldn't pose for the Picture!

640.4 Miles...This is the Number of miles (approximately) since we began training in April last spring.
Two marathons down,two pairs of shoes, and who knows how many bottles/packages of GU, Gatorade, Load,Vasaline, Endurolytes, etc... I have now completed marathon training for the Summer 2007 season.
Yesterday, at about 11:06, I finished my third marathon. Completing my goal of "three marathons by thirty"(I'm only 27!). I improved my PR by about 2 minutes but missed the "Goal Time" of 4hrs by 2 minutes. I'm very pleased and happy to be finished. (my chip time read 4hrs 2min 3sec)
This was my first marathon to be accompanied the entire time with a training partner, my good friend Betina. She did an amazing job (this being her 1st) and finished 30 seconds sooner than me
(4hrs 1min 47sec). (I was battling an ongoing-injury in my right Quad that reared it's fierce unyielding head at mile 23 and wouldn't subside.)
My Amazing spouse the Rickster had a chip time of 3hrs 13min 45sec. He always does a really great, fast time. I'm not sad we don't actually "run" the marathon together because I know that he can go so fast and I really hate to hold him back.

Throughout the marathon a few things came to mind ...
-I love doing marathons because they reveal to me my "true" self...They strip away all of the whiny, self conscious, I can't do it, thoughts and make me reveal to myself the power of mind over matter. I know that each of us can do sooooo much more than we give ourselves credit for, and if we really exercise that ability I think we can accomplish so much! I am always amazed at the variety of people who are actually doing the marathons...there are the elite runners, but by far I think they are the minority
-I'm really grateful that I married Rick...I know that without him, I wouldn't have the capacity to train and believe in myself. He gives me the confidence to know that I can do it, and he does it along side me.
I often have people quite surprised when they find out that "yes, I run marathons". I rally don't exactly fit the profile, but I really don't mind because, it makes me feel like I'm beating the odds...
-Time really flies by in the first half(1 hour 54min), especially when you have a good friend to pace with. This teamed with good music in the second half help to pull me through the tough spots. I do recall havening a very teary choked-up-can't-quite-handle-it response at about mile 23 to Kelly Clarkston's "Since You've Been Gone".
I know it's very weird...but like I really reveals such raw deep emotion to be pushing yourself beyond our physical capacity....Who knows what will spark that emotional fountain!!!On the way home we listened to the song and we all had a great laugh! At least it wasn't Whoop there it is! like someone else I know!:0)
-Lastly for now, I always come away with some lovely blisters, black toe nails and rug burn...I'll spare you the pictures (who really wants to see such ugly things) and leave you with my prettier- toe days earlier this summer...Here is Mine and Poppy's Piggies.
-Lastly, but certainly not least, I'm really grateful for Rick's parents taking care of our precious kids while we were able to take three days to do the marathon! I know the kids had a REALLY great time with the grand parents as evidenced by our children's withdrawal this afternoon! I'm also grateful for Betina's in-laws the Workman's providing us with a comfy bed on the way to and from the marathon making the trip a bit less sleep deprived...not to mention them taking us out for Buffalo burgers and a Reuben sandwich...Both of wich are quite tasty on a post-marathon evening...even for a couple of most-of-the-time-vegetarians! Life is Good!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Note to self...

(Good bye Ocean! This is our farewell photo from the Ocean.)

Make sure and turn "ON" the dishwasher before leaving for trip...I'm sure I need to explain no further.
Don't worry my few readers...Oceanic pictures and stories soon to come...
One thought to keep you thinking...
Last night when we were all snuggled in our beds and Oscar was saying the prayer, He said "Thank you for letting us come to the Ocean, and please bless that we can say good-bye to the Ocean in the morning."
This morning he was quite concerned that he was NOT going to get to say good-bye, even though both Ricky and I told him multiple times that we would indeed say goodbye to the Ocean....I think this boy should have been born a Fish or crab!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ocean here we come!

Ocean Trip 2006
These are some lovely photos of last year's trip. Once again we are going back...same weekend, different year. As you can see from the car pic, We were quite crammed in our trusty wagon. This year we will be going in the minivan...I'll post a pic when we come back. I love looking at the pictures form last year to see how much the kids have grown. Last year Poppy was: not walking, still nursing, and not talking. Oscar was entering pre-school, was infatuated with the Ocean (still is) and was sooo excited for our trip. He is a lot taller and he no longer has his little boy face. Smiley...well, he may be a little bit fatter but I'm certain he will still chase the birds like crazy!
Now, I should be packing...2 hours to go before we leave. I still have some pitas to cook and a car to finish loading...happy trails blog world...we are off to have some F-U-N!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Annual Harvest Sampler...

Throughout our married life there has been one tradition that frequents this time of year. Canning. From the start we have had some really fun experiences canning and preserving food together. In fact one of our "saved" for purchases during law school was a pressure cooker. I'm sure that when we get to grape-juicing time I will elaborate more on our "first" juicing is a great story that I shall leave for another day!
Here are some fun shots of yesterday's harvest.
What can be better than the summer/fall harvest? Maybe the first spring flowers. Alas, I cannot eat them...therefore I would submit that harvest time is the most rewarding for ALL of the senses...Need I say more than the earthy yummy smell of basil...or the invigorating, mouthwatering, taste of a fresh self-grown tomato??? Truly this is the time of year when my mouth and nose exclaim "Now this is REAL food!"
Here are the mounds of fruits and veggies that my sweet canning hubby canned yesterday. He really did all of the tomatoes and peaches by himself (Oscar helped a bit) but I was doing some pesto and had a baptism to go to. He did allow me to "watch" the pressure cooker for a little bit while he ran to get more bottles (I do think he was hesitant in doing so...he stressed the fact that I needed to do 5lbs of pressure for 10 minutes and adjust heat accordingly). For a more in-depth view of the project you can check out his blog. (fair warning, he has updated the format of his blog to include a up-close and personal view of my nostril)
Really, I'm so grateful for such a great husband who isn't afraid to don his apron strings and put a little muscle into the canning process. He is such a great guy! How many men do you know who would do such a thing??? Tomorrow, we will tackle the pears together.

Today we visited a favorite park in Palouse, this swing is really's like a merry-go-round on a swing. Ricky can only push for so long before he starts to get a bit woozy. Poppy, I think has inherited my tough tummy genes when it comes to heights and motion...Oscar hasn't been so lucky. Immediately after leaving the park he announces that his belly doesn't feel good...Rick's response is to make sure and puke out the window. Thankfully we didn't have to resort to such action.