Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top Of Utah

Betina and Me! (Post-Marathon)Here's the best of the Pics we had taken...this will have to do until others are posted. Sadly, the Ricky wouldn't pose for the Picture!

640.4 Miles...This is the Number of miles (approximately) since we began training in April last spring.
Two marathons down,two pairs of shoes, and who knows how many bottles/packages of GU, Gatorade, Load,Vasaline, Endurolytes, etc... I have now completed marathon training for the Summer 2007 season.
Yesterday, at about 11:06, I finished my third marathon. Completing my goal of "three marathons by thirty"(I'm only 27!). I improved my PR by about 2 minutes but missed the "Goal Time" of 4hrs by 2 minutes. I'm very pleased and happy to be finished. (my chip time read 4hrs 2min 3sec)
This was my first marathon to be accompanied the entire time with a training partner, my good friend Betina. She did an amazing job (this being her 1st) and finished 30 seconds sooner than me
(4hrs 1min 47sec). (I was battling an ongoing-injury in my right Quad that reared it's fierce unyielding head at mile 23 and wouldn't subside.)
My Amazing spouse the Rickster had a chip time of 3hrs 13min 45sec. He always does a really great, fast time. I'm not sad we don't actually "run" the marathon together because I know that he can go so fast and I really hate to hold him back.

Throughout the marathon a few things came to mind ...
-I love doing marathons because they reveal to me my "true" self...They strip away all of the whiny, self conscious, I can't do it, thoughts and make me reveal to myself the power of mind over matter. I know that each of us can do sooooo much more than we give ourselves credit for, and if we really exercise that ability I think we can accomplish so much! I am always amazed at the variety of people who are actually doing the marathons...there are the elite runners, but by far I think they are the minority
-I'm really grateful that I married Rick...I know that without him, I wouldn't have the capacity to train and believe in myself. He gives me the confidence to know that I can do it, and he does it along side me.
I often have people quite surprised when they find out that "yes, I run marathons". I rally don't exactly fit the profile, but I really don't mind because, it makes me feel like I'm beating the odds...
-Time really flies by in the first half(1 hour 54min), especially when you have a good friend to pace with. This teamed with good music in the second half help to pull me through the tough spots. I do recall havening a very teary choked-up-can't-quite-handle-it response at about mile 23 to Kelly Clarkston's "Since You've Been Gone".
I know it's very weird...but like I really reveals such raw deep emotion to be pushing yourself beyond our physical capacity....Who knows what will spark that emotional fountain!!!On the way home we listened to the song and we all had a great laugh! At least it wasn't Whoop there it is! like someone else I know!:0)
-Lastly for now, I always come away with some lovely blisters, black toe nails and rug burn...I'll spare you the pictures (who really wants to see such ugly things) and leave you with my prettier- toe days earlier this summer...Here is Mine and Poppy's Piggies.
-Lastly, but certainly not least, I'm really grateful for Rick's parents taking care of our precious kids while we were able to take three days to do the marathon! I know the kids had a REALLY great time with the grand parents as evidenced by our children's withdrawal this afternoon! I'm also grateful for Betina's in-laws the Workman's providing us with a comfy bed on the way to and from the marathon making the trip a bit less sleep deprived...not to mention them taking us out for Buffalo burgers and a Reuben sandwich...Both of wich are quite tasty on a post-marathon evening...even for a couple of most-of-the-time-vegetarians! Life is Good!


Traci said...

Congrats on the marathon- you go girl!!! Great goals you have set for yourself too! Thanks for the pick-me-up of not pushing ourselves to our fullest, which we all can do. I really needed to hear that!

anna jo said...

congrats on the run! I love the marathon for those reasons too. we never fully realize just what our body's can do. I firmly believe we can do anything (well, just about) if we just put our minds to it and quell the negative voices in our head.

also, you should try body glide for those, um, rug burns. it's a life saver.

and lastly, I love a good burger and fries as a post-marathon meal. it's the perfect blend of protein, sodium, and carbs. and you've earned it. (oh, and there's a term for being a most-of-the-time vegetarian. you're a flexetarian! it's a real term, I swear.)

mamma letty said...

Anna Jo-Thanks for the body-glide advice...I did try to find it before this marathon but the locals were out...we are seriously lacking in good running resources in our little world...I did a mix of vasaline and buttpaste, Still had a bit of rug-burn though. I also find that I really have poor epidermis! I ALWAYS get blisters no matter the shoes, clothes, powder, etc...Somehow I missed the boat in the touch skin department! Betina on the other hand is epedermically superior!

Abby Norman said...

You are a champ.
Marathons are known to kill people. Why, the very first person who did it died! :)
But that was random. Why'd I say that?
My brain is on random, I suppose.

Jen said...

way to go!!! you guys rock. i can't believe this is your 3rd marathon! and you are FAST! i love it. the butt paste vaseline thing cracks me up- next time i'm in spokane, i have to stop and get you some body glide from runner's sole. :)