Friday, September 21, 2007

Marathon Photos!

Pictures have been posted!!! Wooohoo! It won't let my copy and paste so here is the link.. I'm having issues with copy and past...sorry!

Bib #'s Me 2255, Rick 92, Betina 2814

One of my favorite pics was from the trash bin! Sadly, I can't figure out how to link you there!
If you go to the link below and then go to the drop down menu for lost and found, then to trash. from there go to page 7 of 33, scroll to the bottom, and it is picture 20-1978. It's a nice one of B- and ME our legs are in sync with each other..pretty cool. (I'll really be surprised if any of you find it!!! Maybe this could be like hide and go seek!!! )

Have fun browsing photos...My finish photo has a nice gob of people around...Rick, he is all nice and solo, and if you look in Betina's Finish photo it is crowded too but she at least looks good, and if you look closely you can see me back behind her quite a ways, in blue shorts!!! Betina and Rick win the photogenic award. To this, I already am aware I lack the photo-lookin-good genetic!
Happy hunting...too bad I can't just copy them on here for you to see.

Race Pictures Online3


Tanner's Tales said...

I found the pics! They are very cute! Good work...Next year, maybe Em and I can run with you guys

mamma letty said...

That would be very fun!

Abby Norman said...

I think the link to the "lost" picture is
and if it doesn't work, I'll probably just throw this comment away. :)

Jen said...

i like your pictures!!! i won't even post my half pic- i am not blessed by the lens. :)

Jen said...

aaahhh! i just clicked abby's link to the lost photo- it's awesome! you guys are moving so fast it's even a little blurry! :)