Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Girl!

The pretty Poppy...note: Daddy did hair and picked the dress...nice work daddy!
Finally, almost finished...
Big brother being all to happy to help out.
Poppy scared to blow out the candles
(Girl worn out by all the partying fun!)
Two Years ago at this time...I was laying in a hospital bed, grateful to not be pregnant. I was probably getting a little sleep and snuggling with this sweet, little girl named Poppy who had come into our lives.
From the beginning, she was a feisty happy girl with an attitude that remains to this day. They say that some things are nurture, rather than nature, but I'm convinced that this little piece of heaven came this earth with a mission and a purpose, that even in the beginning she was willing to let the rest of us know, that she was determined and willing to complete her mission on earth!
Here, two years later, she remains this feisty happy girl who attempts to love and pinch anyone within her grasp. Don't worry, she only does this to those she loves! To those she dislikes she merely ignores their existence.
Today, as I snuggled her soft skin and kissed her sweet little cheeks my heart was full of the joy only a mother can truly understand. My nose could smell her sweet wispy hair and her soft little legs were tucked warmly in their little tights...These are the moments, that years from now, I want to remember. I want to remember her calls for "snuggle mamma". Her pretty little eyes and nose. I hope to remember the little love pinches that, I'm certain, are her way of showing me that she just can't quite contain the love she has for me. I too, at times lover her so much that I just want to squeeze and snuggle her and never let go.
Now, two years later...We have this little lady of a girl who loves ALL things female oriented...To this Grandma Edge has facilitated nicely in giving her the lovely kitchenette and kitchen accessories. Oscar too, loves them! I think we have a winning gift on our is the completed project. Thanks grandma Edge!
Thanks also to Jori and Andy, for the cute little aprons and the recipe box to make the set-up even better!
My gift was that of completing said Kitchenette! I hope in years to come Poppy with enjoy the pretty pictures and maybe someday, her kids can play with it too. Someday, when I have forgotten the feel of those sweet little legs and feet, I will be blessed with grand babies who once again, will feel the whole that only kids and babies can fill in a human heart.
Happy Birthday my little Poppy...One day, if you read this, you will know that your mommy loves you very much!


mummy said...

Its good you write everything down because although you cherish each moment because you know it won't last, still in the many years to come some memories fade, the feelings remain. Happy birhday old Popster and many more to come. Right now 2 years ago you were about to scream your self into a blueness that worried Dr. It was just one of the times you were speaking your mind and letting people know who was actually in control. Keep up that spiciness! Now back to work for me-more little babies to come here.

anna jo said...

wow, the kitchenette looks super sweet. good job!

Traci said...

The kitchenette turned out great! Looks like you guys all had a great birthday with Poppy!

Abby Norman said...

Oh, boy. The kitchenette looks fabulous!
Poppy is such a sweet kid.
I should have gone to Washington State!

Tanner's Tales said...

Happy Birthday Poppy! The kitchenette looks really good Letty. I am very impressed!

Jen said...

what a beautiful post- i think it's great that you wrote that down. your kids will love reading it later.
that kitchenette is fantastic! not crafty?! you're an artist!!! that is amazing. i love the details.