Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ocean here we come!

Ocean Trip 2006
These are some lovely photos of last year's trip. Once again we are going back...same weekend, different year. As you can see from the car pic, We were quite crammed in our trusty wagon. This year we will be going in the minivan...I'll post a pic when we come back. I love looking at the pictures form last year to see how much the kids have grown. Last year Poppy was: not walking, still nursing, and not talking. Oscar was entering pre-school, was infatuated with the Ocean (still is) and was sooo excited for our trip. He is a lot taller and he no longer has his little boy face. Smiley...well, he may be a little bit fatter but I'm certain he will still chase the birds like crazy!
Now, I should be packing...2 hours to go before we leave. I still have some pitas to cook and a car to finish loading...happy trails blog world...we are off to have some F-U-N!


Abby Norman said...

I love the ocean!
Have lots of fun! (You won't see this 'til you get back, but...still!)

Jen said...

how fun! i hope you guys have a great time- i love being on the coast!