Thursday, January 25, 2007

Edgie Bed-head

What else is there to say...I love it!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soak up the Sun!!

Sunshine on a cloudy day…You are my Sunshine…Here comes the Sun…The Sun will Come out Tomorrow…So, let the sun shine in…Jesus wants me for a sunbeam…I wanna soak up the sun...(if you can think of any other songs I'm missing...feel free to comment.)

Oh, to be a sunbeam…to radiate such warm friendly beams…To enlighten all you come in contact with.

There’s something about that great big ball of fire that makes me want to live! It beckons me to bask in it’s radiating, oh so wonderful, vitamin D rich, warm embracing light. The Sun rays seem to wrap me up and lift me to higher ground.

Just yesterday, after taking a shower (around 1:45 pm), I dressed myself and discovered that my bed was alight with sunbeams. I tried to coax myself into doing my daily chores (the cleaning I do while Poppy is napping and Oscar is at pre-school), but the temptation was just too much! Suddenly, I found myself draped in the warm embrace of delightful sunshine (a.k.a. napping). My winter Vitamin D deprived body made this decision without my brains consent! It was as though before I could even think of picking up the washcloth to clean the messy counters, that I found myself basking in the sunlight.

Aside from chocolate, sunshine could very well be my addiction of choice. Yes, I’ve heard that sunshine can burn if you get to much. Me? I say bring it on!!! I could take a nice mid-winter sunburn to improve the Ivory white skin I’m sporting these days. It is even tempting to crawl into a cancer-laden tanning bed just to feel the warmth of a burn on my skin.

Oh, how I long for the long summer days of sunshine, warmth and a ripe yummy tomato!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oscar musings

Yesterday on a Walk:
Oscar-"Mom, you know why I'm excited to be an adult?"
Me-"No, why are you excited?"
Oscar-"Because when I'm big cars will be able to see me."

This Morning:
Oscar-"Dad do you know what I dreamed about last night?"
Dad-"What did you dream about?"
Oscar-"Bad guys."
Dad- "That's too bad...they're not very fun to dream about."
Oscar-"Yeah well, you know where I dreamed them?...In my dream box. "
Dad-"Oh really what is a dream box?"
Oscar-"We all have one...(Pointing to his hip) it's right here."(Do you have a dream box???)

Two Days Ago:
When Oscar gets out of the bathtub he likes to get in bug position on the bath mat and put a towel over the top of his body. I eventually have to get his clothes and convince him that if he puts his clothes on he will be much warmer.
After getting up from off the mat he went running around the living room saying "There are sparkles there are sparkles....(he's now on the verge of tears) mom I hate sparkles!"
I then discover that while on the floor his feet fell asleep. It would appear that he and Auntie Lindsy have something in common...Magic.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Day five of puke...Yes, I should have knocked on wood a little harder! I am hopeful that we have now seen the last of puke for sometime to come. Oscar seems to be doing well and Poppy...suffice it to say that she is spicier and more demanding when she is not feeling well. We will be very grateful to have her back to her medium-hot scoville spice.
During our douse of the plague we have completed reading Charlotte's Web. Today as Oscar and I were reading the ending, he became quite concerned that Charlotte's babies wouldn't have a mom. The conversation continued as fallows:

Oscar- "If you and Dad were to die in the same day I think Poppy and I would go live with some other family that doesn't have kids."
Me-"No, I think that your Grandmas and Grandpas would take care of you."
Oscar-"Well, how would we get there? I can't drive."
Me-"I think if something were to happen Grandma and Grandpa they would come get you."
Oscar-"How will they know?"
We then created some number cards so that in the event of Emergency or just FYI, Oscar would be able to call Grandma and Grandpa. We practiced calling today and he is getting pretty good at dialing the numbers. The Edge house was not available but otherwise he talked to Grandma Dilworth and Dad at work (We had the discussion that the 911 card was only to be called if emergency!).
I knew there would be a day when we would discuss this topic but once again I'm impressed with my four year old thought process. He really was thinking about what he would do with himself and Poppy if we were to die.
I suppose being house-bound with two kids and a book isn't too bad afterall.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Puke clean-up 101

Ah...the sweet aroma of PUKE! If asked what candle I have been burning in my house this weekend, my response would be Puke Perfection. Yes, I believe Oscar has mastered the art of puking all over carpet, bed, pillow, couch, tile, and bathtub. Poppy luckily (or not so lucky) has only contaminated her sheets ( she has a much better aim).
Friday night it began and as of today, Monday Jan 15 2:45, I am pleased to report that there has been no puke since last night at approximately 9:45pm. Not to jinx ourselves, but hopefully after 4 super size loads of laundry, the puking has subsided.

Speaking of super-size...we watched "super size me" this weekend and I'm pleased to report that I cannot clearly remember the last time I've eaten at Mc D's. If you haven't seen the show you should check it out (that is unless you enjoy eating there ).

With Lil' O and Pops being sick I bought Charlotte's Web and we are almost finished. Oscar is very attentive when his stomach is lurching and all he wants to do is be a slug on the couch. There were a few parts that I found myself relating with...seeming that both of my sicklings are sleeping I think I'll share...
First, I was reading the part where Wilber was feeling "RADIANT" to quote the book...:When Charlotte's Web said SOME PIG, Wilber had tried to look like some pig. When Charlotte's web said Terrific, Wilber had tried to look terrific. And now that the web said RADIANT, he did everything possible to make himself glow".
Recently Rick and I were having a discussion about will power and I was expressing that I am always amazed at his will power and strength to do things...He then said that he does it because he has my expectations to live up to.
Now, I should note here that this man wakes up about 5:15 and goes swimming every morning (among other things I wont mention) while I have a difficult time rising any earlier that 6:30.
I've never said he should go swimming and I've never "expected" him to do anything...he just does it!! He is this great guy who continually inspires me to be better than I currently am.
So, after further thought, and after thinking about all of the really cool life skills I've learned, I realized that all of them have been because of Rick. Yes, I too try to live up to his expectations. I try to be the wonderful Mom he knows I can be. (I'm not saying that I'm a wonderful mom...but with him by my side cleaning up the puke, he helps me to become better!)
Somehow, knowing that he knows that I can be so much inspires me to greater things.
Therefore...I hope that he will always expect things of me and I for him. That way we will continually strive to please each other and to become better!
Well, I'll leave you with that thought and I will continue on my Charlotte's Web parallels later...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Three words rarely spoken...You are right.

Today the weather was beautiful...40 degrees and all the snow melted off. We decided it was a good morning to take Oscar and his bike and Poppy in the stroller for a stroll on the near-by trail. The plan was that Oscar would ride his bike until he got tired...then he would hop in the stroller and we would leave his bike on the side of the trail while I ran a mile more and then back to his bike for him to ride it back to the car.
He was very convinced that he would be able to ride the full two miles out and back. I let him stop and go for the first mile and then I asked him to park his bike so I could get a little run in(I'm a mean mom I know) . He then told me that he was sure he could keep up. So I said ok...I'm not going to slow down and when you can't keep up you can get in...ok! Ok...30 seconds later he said..."ok mom YOU ARE RIGHT!" I'll get in. Woo hoo! Finally a battle I win! After my short little run we arrived back to his bike and he was happy to ride back to the car.
I should mention here that there is a stream that runs by the trail, this morning it was a bit more of a river...There were some sweet puddles along the side embankment of the trail which to any 4 yr old boy seem very tempting.
Oscar repeatedly asked me if he could ride his bike off the trail into the ditch and into the puddle. Each time I would, ride in the puddles on the'll get stuck down there and I'll have to come rescue you. We would then ride on until the temptation would overcome him again and he would request permission. Finally I said ok, go'll see.
Down the embankment he went and stuck straight in the muddy puddle. His big eyes look up to me...stare at me...I stand there waiting to see what he is going to do. He tries to move his bike but it's no use. It's stuck. He then says "mom can you help me". (I also should mention that I'm controlling the stroller with the dog attached. ) I look like a circus act trying to keep hold of the stroller on the trail while reaching down trying to pull his bike out of the mud. After retrieval he says in a nonchalantly way "yeah mom, I guess you were right".
Twice I win!!! But I only win both times after letting him fail. I somehow I feel that this is a foreshadowing of things to come. As delightful as it is to hear "you are right" I would rather that he just heed my warnings.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Fishy faces and treasure trove

Poppy has arrived at the developmental stage of face contortion recognition. She tries to make a variety of different faces...always trying to mimic the older more experienced face contortionists. Today she was honing her "fishy face" I would make the fishy lip face...then she would follow with sticking her tiny little tongue out of her mouth, or she would wiggle her lips around and then when she couldn't figure it out, would break into a big giggle. She is so adorable these days...I don't know how I survive not squeezing her to death!
Oscar's treasure trove...recently Rick and I have discovered that Oscar seems to be accumulating odd objects from around the house and placing them on the head board of his bed. This current photo is only half of the head board. Some of the items contained in his board are: a picture of grandpa edge holding him as a baby, fingernail clippers, race car, glow in the dark frogs, an old glasses case which contains: an old container of toothpaste, empty bottle of hand lotion, and some cortizone cream that we have frequently used on his wasp stings. There is also my fabric measuring tape, some magnets, and on the opposite side(where you can't see) is a drawing he made of dinosaur teeth. The "crew pass" picture is a printout he made at the library computer. I think we have a little pack-rat in our midst. On his bedroom walls he also has toothpicks (variety of colors) some random papers he has taped up, a wood pecker picture from his friend at church...Bro. Feltis. There are also a bunch of stickers and random objects.
Being a mother who dislikes clutter I find myself wanting to pull everything off his wall so that it looks clean and sterile. Don't worry though...I've decided to ignore them so that he can have his free space of creative enjoyment...I must however take a stand on not allowing the pack ratting of soaked Buzz undies (pull-ups). Yesterday I found a couple stashed beside his dresser...I suppose for safe keeping???
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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Snowy Playtime
Poppy's Art Work & Guilty Face
Oscar Dislikes Dinner
Happy Endings


Bittersweet…Yes that is how this week has been. One minuet my children are the darling, sweet, loveable, almost think I can’t stand it, cute! The next…teething, sad, emotional, tired, under-exercised, cabin fever, mischievous…kids!
Poppy has three molars coming in (we’ll just refer to her as bear-girl). Oscar seems to be missing pre-school and feels it is his duty to tease and torment the afore mentioned bear-girl. They seem to feed each others need to pester the other into screaming, whining, sad levels.
I’m sure I have expressed previously my dislike of the whole teething process…but as a parent it’s like my right of passage to eternal life or something! Seriously…I can think of a billion other things I enjoy more about parenting than teething and immunizations. Bittersweet…Yes, I know the benefits of my child being able to chew her food rather than gumming it to swallowing proportions. Yes, and I understand that I don’t want my child to contract some measles, mumps and rubella! That is all clear to me. But in the meantime I’m left with the wrath of Bear-Girl, the spicy-fiery girl who, when given the chance, will dominate all within her territory.
Today at church Rick my lovely hubby had the Bear-Girl and I had to go to the clerks office next to the room he was in. Clearly I could hear her demands and I knew that quite likely, very few people really heard any of their lesson.
Then, tonight as I was taking her out of her adorable Sunday dress and again changing her into her super-soft pajamas…I was overcome with the desire to squeeze and kiss and snuggle this adorable spicy creature in front of me!
Then there’s the little O’Man who after spoon feeding him his dinner…even after threatening that there would be no cookies if he didn’t finish his food, found ourselves caving in and with grandpa’s help, gave the melt-down boy a cookie. Then after saying prayers and snuggling him in bed I come to the conclusion…
Truly there are few things in the world quite as nice as hugging and kissing and loving my kids. Bittersweet!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Herculean Husband

Happy new year blog world!
We celebrated our New Year's day by doing a nine mile run. The sky was beautiful the air was a bit nippy and the run was great!
As usuall on one of these organized runs...I tell my sweet spouse to run on ahead with the front crowd, while I maintain my slow easy going pace. I should mention here that not only does he waste me on completion, but he pushes our two darling children in the jogger while doing so! This is no easy stroller to push(I know from experince that my jogger-pushing limit is 4 miles). The stroller weighs in at about 20 lbs and then when you add the weight of our kids there is an extra 60+ lbs. That is 80 lbs to push while sometimes going against the wind!!! Amazing!
This isn't the first time he has done this. In October he did a half marathon while pushing the kids. He still finished 15 minuets sooner than me. I'm not complaining...believe me I'm very grateful that he has the stamina and will power to do it. In fact that is one of the things I love about him! His will power and strength are quite attractive.
I think that this could be a theme in our marriage. Rick decides to challenge himself on something and I merely tag along to see if I can do it too. I don't try to compete with him...merely try to finish. In fact I noticed today that I really don't feel competitive to anyone who decides to pass me (unless I'm on my bike, that's a different story) . I find that I let them pass me by and I stay at my pace and tromp onward.
This New Year I want to give tribute to the great guy I married (who married me) and how grateful I am that he gives me the confidence I need to push a little harder and try a little more. I'm a better person because of him!