Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oscar musings

Yesterday on a Walk:
Oscar-"Mom, you know why I'm excited to be an adult?"
Me-"No, why are you excited?"
Oscar-"Because when I'm big cars will be able to see me."

This Morning:
Oscar-"Dad do you know what I dreamed about last night?"
Dad-"What did you dream about?"
Oscar-"Bad guys."
Dad- "That's too bad...they're not very fun to dream about."
Oscar-"Yeah well, you know where I dreamed them?...In my dream box. "
Dad-"Oh really what is a dream box?"
Oscar-"We all have one...(Pointing to his hip) it's right here."(Do you have a dream box???)

Two Days Ago:
When Oscar gets out of the bathtub he likes to get in bug position on the bath mat and put a towel over the top of his body. I eventually have to get his clothes and convince him that if he puts his clothes on he will be much warmer.
After getting up from off the mat he went running around the living room saying "There are sparkles there are sparkles....(he's now on the verge of tears) mom I hate sparkles!"
I then discover that while on the floor his feet fell asleep. It would appear that he and Auntie Lindsy have something in common...Magic.


A. Buchanan said...

dude sparkles is right! that is so the way to explain that feeling. I can't till ryan starts asking cool questions like that! What an awesome kid

Younger shorter sis-in-law said...

Childhood--to experience over and over through our kids and grandkids! Perhaps "lindseyisms" are truely just my parents finally having memory for all the unique questions we kids asked. I can't wait (but yet I can) for Micah to start asking questions. Huraah for Magic in my shoe.

Tanner's Tales said...

I love it!