Monday, January 8, 2007

Fishy faces and treasure trove

Poppy has arrived at the developmental stage of face contortion recognition. She tries to make a variety of different faces...always trying to mimic the older more experienced face contortionists. Today she was honing her "fishy face" I would make the fishy lip face...then she would follow with sticking her tiny little tongue out of her mouth, or she would wiggle her lips around and then when she couldn't figure it out, would break into a big giggle. She is so adorable these days...I don't know how I survive not squeezing her to death!
Oscar's treasure trove...recently Rick and I have discovered that Oscar seems to be accumulating odd objects from around the house and placing them on the head board of his bed. This current photo is only half of the head board. Some of the items contained in his board are: a picture of grandpa edge holding him as a baby, fingernail clippers, race car, glow in the dark frogs, an old glasses case which contains: an old container of toothpaste, empty bottle of hand lotion, and some cortizone cream that we have frequently used on his wasp stings. There is also my fabric measuring tape, some magnets, and on the opposite side(where you can't see) is a drawing he made of dinosaur teeth. The "crew pass" picture is a printout he made at the library computer. I think we have a little pack-rat in our midst. On his bedroom walls he also has toothpicks (variety of colors) some random papers he has taped up, a wood pecker picture from his friend at church...Bro. Feltis. There are also a bunch of stickers and random objects.
Being a mother who dislikes clutter I find myself wanting to pull everything off his wall so that it looks clean and sterile. Don't worry though...I've decided to ignore them so that he can have his free space of creative enjoyment...I must however take a stand on not allowing the pack ratting of soaked Buzz undies (pull-ups). Yesterday I found a couple stashed beside his dresser...I suppose for safe keeping???
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Old Warrior said...

Can you imagine what Papa O's garage will look like in 30 years?
Lookin at the cheap air fares from SW on the web. We'll be talking about when we should show up there...

mamma letty said...

Sounds great!!! Anytime! I now have a minivan and can pick you up. You just say when.