Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Day five of puke...Yes, I should have knocked on wood a little harder! I am hopeful that we have now seen the last of puke for sometime to come. Oscar seems to be doing well and Poppy...suffice it to say that she is spicier and more demanding when she is not feeling well. We will be very grateful to have her back to her medium-hot scoville spice.
During our douse of the plague we have completed reading Charlotte's Web. Today as Oscar and I were reading the ending, he became quite concerned that Charlotte's babies wouldn't have a mom. The conversation continued as fallows:

Oscar- "If you and Dad were to die in the same day I think Poppy and I would go live with some other family that doesn't have kids."
Me-"No, I think that your Grandmas and Grandpas would take care of you."
Oscar-"Well, how would we get there? I can't drive."
Me-"I think if something were to happen Grandma and Grandpa they would come get you."
Oscar-"How will they know?"
We then created some number cards so that in the event of Emergency or just FYI, Oscar would be able to call Grandma and Grandpa. We practiced calling today and he is getting pretty good at dialing the numbers. The Edge house was not available but otherwise he talked to Grandma Dilworth and Dad at work (We had the discussion that the 911 card was only to be called if emergency!).
I knew there would be a day when we would discuss this topic but once again I'm impressed with my four year old thought process. He really was thinking about what he would do with himself and Poppy if we were to die.
I suppose being house-bound with two kids and a book isn't too bad afterall.


OW said...

Of course, if y'all came to your senses and moved in with us, there would be an easy youngster hand-off in case of emergency. O sounds like he is busy figgering things out. It must be a challenge keeping up with the young one's ponderings.

younger shorter sis-in-law said...

Oh no--and oh dear. I have a lot to look forward to as a mother. I hope I can raise smart happy kids as you are doing! Reading the blog is extra fun as it feels like a peep into what my future might be like when Micah gets older.