Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soak up the Sun!!

Sunshine on a cloudy day…You are my Sunshine…Here comes the Sun…The Sun will Come out Tomorrow…So, let the sun shine in…Jesus wants me for a sunbeam…I wanna soak up the sun...(if you can think of any other songs I'm missing...feel free to comment.)

Oh, to be a sunbeam…to radiate such warm friendly beams…To enlighten all you come in contact with.

There’s something about that great big ball of fire that makes me want to live! It beckons me to bask in it’s radiating, oh so wonderful, vitamin D rich, warm embracing light. The Sun rays seem to wrap me up and lift me to higher ground.

Just yesterday, after taking a shower (around 1:45 pm), I dressed myself and discovered that my bed was alight with sunbeams. I tried to coax myself into doing my daily chores (the cleaning I do while Poppy is napping and Oscar is at pre-school), but the temptation was just too much! Suddenly, I found myself draped in the warm embrace of delightful sunshine (a.k.a. napping). My winter Vitamin D deprived body made this decision without my brains consent! It was as though before I could even think of picking up the washcloth to clean the messy counters, that I found myself basking in the sunlight.

Aside from chocolate, sunshine could very well be my addiction of choice. Yes, I’ve heard that sunshine can burn if you get to much. Me? I say bring it on!!! I could take a nice mid-winter sunburn to improve the Ivory white skin I’m sporting these days. It is even tempting to crawl into a cancer-laden tanning bed just to feel the warmth of a burn on my skin.

Oh, how I long for the long summer days of sunshine, warmth and a ripe yummy tomato!!!


shorter younger sis-in-law said...

Only two days ago Bryan and I ate BLC's, or Bacon, lettuce, and cucumbers. A taste of summer in the mid-winter months is as treasured as Vitamin D! We, however, refused to attempt eating store bought tomatoes, (BLTs)as those tomatoes are only memories of what tomatoes really are.

Abby Norman said...

Ahhh...I've also been yearning for some sun. I've been looking through pictures, and it seems we only take pictures in the green months...and I want green back! I'm addicted on green living things, and a warm hearty rain shower. With thunder in the background.