Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sub arctic

This morning as we were getting ready for school and "spinning" I took no notice of the outside temperature. On these mornings we are generally all busy getting ready to go and I'm usually finishing gettign Poppy ready when Oscar is walking out the door. Our neighbor boy Austin who walks with Oscar came and picked him up and off to school they went.
It wasn't until twenty minutes later on my way to spinning that I discovered it was minus 7 degrees outside and I had not even checked to see if my boy was wearing a hat or gloves!
It was too late to check and so I just hoped he had been smart enough to take them (lovin logic?).
After school I picked them up (it had warmed to a mere 10 degrees) and they informed me that one of our other neighbors had stopped and taken them. Thank goodness for nice neighbors.
The deception of the temperature, or should I say what should have tipped me of that it was so cold, was the gorgeous sunshine that graced us with it's presence for the first half of the day. I can't quite remember the last time it was around, and I was loving the drive to Moscow with the sunshine on my face.
Poppy was grateful to have a good excuse to wear her sunglasses too. Though she still insisted on wearing capris under her dress with boots instead of pants...crazy girl.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dancing Queen

(Exercise class at the church, Notice the pretty tap shoes...)

(Melt downs often follow the prior dancing exertion)

First Position

(No I did not choose for her to wear that hat...nor did I pick it out from the Goodwill, this my friends is all of her own choosing. Though I'm sure you are not surprised!)
(The Giraffe Move)
Need I say more? I think she is enjoying the "dance" class even though we only go 3 times a month. She certainly doesn't need a dance class to strut her stuff.
On Wednesday's I teach a exercise class at the church. This is the perfect floor for stomping around in her tap shoes.
She did hit a little bit of meltdown at our last class. She was pretty tired and she didn't want to be doing "tap". She missed singing "lollipop" with her tap shoes (they tap it out with their feet) and was devastated that she had taken hers off and that they had moved on to a new thing.
Maybe next time she will be a little bit more patient. But I doubt it.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly post...

Oscar's 2nd spelling test. Last week he barely missed his two bonus words on the real test but had them on the practice. This week he nailed them. the bonus words this week were king and Rockhopper (as in the penguin). I love how his teacher put WOW all over his paper. He was so proud of his test and I suppose I was a bit proud too.
Poppy had her first dance class ever. It is a Mommy and Me dance class and it was so fun doing it together. She even got to put on some tap shoes and tappity tapped around.
The nice teacher is a good friend and lent us a pair until we get her a pair of her own. She has been tapping around the house and loving them (Oscar has been putting them on too...).
Here's her doing the crab.

I'm now at 34 weeks and it appears that I now look VERY pregnant. As though I didn't notice it. Today at church I believe I heard the words..."Wow you have really popped out", "how soon are you due", and "you look ready", over and over again.
Not that I mind really, I mean at some point this baby needs to be big enough to come out. And besides if everyone else is thinking that my due date is close, then maybe they know something I don't.
During the Mommy and me class I was just happy that I could still reach the floor with my fingertips to do the giraffe with Poppy. At this point it is the little things that bring a smile to my face.
Poppy took this, lovely picture of me the other day. Lovely I know. But there you go. You can see a little of the progression in the letty pregnancy.
You may note however that the black eye has disappeared. The nose is still sore but the superficial shiner has left the building.
I saw my Doc this week and she informed me I did in fact pass the Glucose test! She also said I probably did break my nose, as evidenced by the bump, but that really there is nothing to be done about it.
I'm now down to the two week visits and I am really trying to occupy my mind so as not to get to impatient with this final month. I'm trying to embrace these final moment of our little one kicking in my innards. Trying to bask in my lovely round figure, and hoping that my self discipline (in regard to junk food) returns soon, so I don't become a whale before this baby comes out. Otherwise we may be delivering a baby Shamu.
Part of my distracting process has been getting things ready for the baby...or not. I find that I am completing tons of projects lately, but also picking up a few more along the way.
I found a new (to us) dresser and headboard for our bedroom while I was trying to find a dresser for the new baby. I then decided that I would refinish one of the old (dilapidated) dressers that was in our bedroom for the new little one. Yesterday I did the stripping and later this week I hope to have it completed.
While I was driving to look at the newish dresser, I noticed a hutch/bookcase/cupboard by a dumpster. I stopped to check it out and thought it would make a great book shelf. I waited a whole day before I waddled my prego self back to the dumpster(it was sitting beside it) and hoisted it into the back of my mini-mini van. After loading it, I noticed there was a couple standing there watching me in quite intently as I left with it in my car.
The book shelf too, is going to get a new coat of paint and will take the place of our shelf that has become too small. It is a really solid piece and I'm excited to see how it is going to turn out.
Along with this I am hoping to get my lovely window from Betina painted and hung in my living room. There are also some picture frames I'd also like to paint, and if I really get nesty I may just paint the wall going to the basement.
I would suggest you not hold me to any of these commitments, because really who knows...tomorrow all of my steam may be gone and I will once again be left with a bunch of projects that sit around until my next (if there is ever one) pregnancy.
More pictures are sure to follow, albeit who knows how soon...I seem to get lazy when it comes to blogging lately.
Things are well and life is good.
Oh, and did I mention that Rick is one of the Seminary teachers for our wards? Busy guy, who really is amazing! This is a topic I plan to cover more in depth in the near future...although, I'm sure he will hate the post when I actually get around to it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week in review...

(Oscar kindly holding back for his sister)
I can't believe it has been a whole week since I last posted...I have had a ton of blog posts run through my brain and yet, none of them have actually made it.
After the dump of snow and my lamentation the week actually progressed to rainy days and warmer temps. The chickens decided to exit their coop for the first time in quite a while. The snow melted enough that Poppy was able to take out her scooter a few times. The sun came out and it has felt a little like spring. I won't jinx myself but it has been a nice respite from the cold.
Poppy is loving the new scooter...The best part is that we can now go for walks much further and I have yet hear "I don't want to get strong legs!". She will ask me to help carry it if she gets tired, or for me to push her a bit but the weakling is slowly dwindling.
With the weather subsiding I finally made it over to Colfax to see the new baby Georgia. She is so pretty and Betina looks great. I would be lying if I didn't say that I am slightly jealous that she is at that point in the baby making world and I have about 6 more weeks to go.
It did make me realize that I really ought to be getting ready for this baby. I am suddenly feeling like I should really be getting it together.
It just may be that my nesting instincts are kicking in. I have completed a few projects taht have been about a year-three years past due. (that is a whole other post that I will post someday)
Poppy and Oakley were showing us their dancing moves...they said they were getting married. It was pretty cute.
I also have been utilizing my new Christmas present. Ricky and the kids got me a pasta roller and so last week I made a batch of Peirogies. It was fun being able to get the dough so thin.
Always in the past when I have tried to get the dough thin, I still end up with it being too think. It was nice for it to go so smoothly.
Overall things are going well. It is nice to be back to our routines and getting ready for a new arrival. I think the kids can't wait. They keep asking when (along with may others...) it will be here. Today Oscar said "It sure takes a long time for a baby to come out of your belly".
I told him it takes about nine months but I think that is a lifetime for little kids.
Well, I'll try to catch up a bit more later...

Monday, January 5, 2009

@#*%#@ SNOW!!!

Gotta love how the snow is up to their waists.

Seven more inches of snow...NO SCHOOL...Had to cancel my spinning class...We re home bound for another day. I wish I were a little more capable to navigate the snow with this pregnant body. We could do a bit more sledding/skiing/fort building etc. Not to mention this Prego body NEEDS exercise! We will have to get creative.
On the flip side I think we may de-clutter Oscar's bedroom (very scary). I'm sure I would rather be spinning. But it will at least get it off of my list of things to do before our baby comes.

Update: Kids are outside loving the snow...I shouldn't be such a curmudgeon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Progress

(Oscar testing out his photographic skills, caught me on the phone while I was sewing)
Having a two week break from school has been fun, albeit a roller coaster of ups and downs. Oscar and Poppy LOVE each other so much one minute, and the next are constantly bickering and teasing one another.
I have found myself wrapping my arms around them and snuggling up with books to read, painting, sewing, cleaning, playing games, and a bunch of other activities, only to find myself in the very next moment, reproaching them for their intolerable annoyances of each other and myself.
Friday Oscar had a birthday party to attend and Poppy told me that she loved having the house to herself. I think the princess was relieved to have some time to just be by herself.
Tomorrow we go back to our normal schedule and to tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to it.

My eye has improved considerably...here is a photo update as of today. Still lookin pretty green by my mouth.
This is a photo I took on New Year's Eve...If you wondering why I am always wearing this same sweater, it is because it is super comfy and fits over my expanding belly. I promise theses were different days. As for the sweater, to be honest, if you were to stop by here probably any day in the near future, you will find me adorned with it. I may have a clean shirt on underneath, but the sweater...it goes nicely on top and keeps me nice and warm.
New Years eve we had a nice and quiet evening with just our family. We made some homemade ravioli with my new pasta roller I got for Christmas.
I rolled the dough while daddy and the tykes filled them. I believe we made about 100. We froze half of them and had them for dinner tonight. They were very delicious, although Poppy doesn't seem to be a fan.
We then let them watch Back to the future and we were all snuggled down to bed by about 10:30. Rick and I tried to stay up and watch Pirates of the Caribbean (#3) but I think because we never saw 2, we had no idea what was going on and we both fell asleep.
I don't feel bad one once about not staying up to usher in the new year. I suppose I figured i would get an hour and a half of extra sleep to prep myself for all that will await us this coming year.
A few things I'm looking forward to:
Baby related-
Getting this baby out!
Finding out what our baby will be, and what we will name it.
Seeing how our family adjusts to the new addition.
Finding out how I handle delivery #3

Trying to control myself from eating too many sweets so i don't have as much to loose post-baby.
Being able to run again (or bike).
Sleeping on my stomach.
Seeing how the orthodontic splint works, getting my jaw troubles under wraps.
Hopefully run another marathon...at least a couple 1/2 marathons.

Snuggle my kids and really listen when they talk to me.
Focus on the important things.
Challenge them and give them praise for their accomplishments.
Be tough when they need it.

Cook with fewer experimental meals, especially if they involve squash or curry.
Organize a few of the kitchen drawers.
Be flexible with the new-beekeeping plans.

Overall I just hope to put one foot in front of teh other and seriously take eachday and be grateful for what I have.
Oh, and becasue I really won't keep track of this list, nor will I mark off any of them (ok maybe the baby ones) I have chosen a new word for the year. The "word" that will sit in the back of my mind and keep me thinking about all of these wonderful aspirations is : Embrace!
I hope to embrace what I have been given and embrace all the good and bad that comes our way, with as much clarity and purpose as I can muster. Even if I get a broom handle plummeled into my nose!
Cheers to all and I wish you a wonderful new Year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Soon I will post a "NEW YEAR'S" Post, and a post about being tired of my house bound, cabin fever children...but in the meantime, what do you think of the name Abner for a boy and Hazel for a girl?
Ricky dosen't know I'm posting this...just wanted some input. Anyone have any other great unique names?