Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly post...

Oscar's 2nd spelling test. Last week he barely missed his two bonus words on the real test but had them on the practice. This week he nailed them. the bonus words this week were king and Rockhopper (as in the penguin). I love how his teacher put WOW all over his paper. He was so proud of his test and I suppose I was a bit proud too.
Poppy had her first dance class ever. It is a Mommy and Me dance class and it was so fun doing it together. She even got to put on some tap shoes and tappity tapped around.
The nice teacher is a good friend and lent us a pair until we get her a pair of her own. She has been tapping around the house and loving them (Oscar has been putting them on too...).
Here's her doing the crab.

I'm now at 34 weeks and it appears that I now look VERY pregnant. As though I didn't notice it. Today at church I believe I heard the words..."Wow you have really popped out", "how soon are you due", and "you look ready", over and over again.
Not that I mind really, I mean at some point this baby needs to be big enough to come out. And besides if everyone else is thinking that my due date is close, then maybe they know something I don't.
During the Mommy and me class I was just happy that I could still reach the floor with my fingertips to do the giraffe with Poppy. At this point it is the little things that bring a smile to my face.
Poppy took this, lovely picture of me the other day. Lovely I know. But there you go. You can see a little of the progression in the letty pregnancy.
You may note however that the black eye has disappeared. The nose is still sore but the superficial shiner has left the building.
I saw my Doc this week and she informed me I did in fact pass the Glucose test! She also said I probably did break my nose, as evidenced by the bump, but that really there is nothing to be done about it.
I'm now down to the two week visits and I am really trying to occupy my mind so as not to get to impatient with this final month. I'm trying to embrace these final moment of our little one kicking in my innards. Trying to bask in my lovely round figure, and hoping that my self discipline (in regard to junk food) returns soon, so I don't become a whale before this baby comes out. Otherwise we may be delivering a baby Shamu.
Part of my distracting process has been getting things ready for the baby...or not. I find that I am completing tons of projects lately, but also picking up a few more along the way.
I found a new (to us) dresser and headboard for our bedroom while I was trying to find a dresser for the new baby. I then decided that I would refinish one of the old (dilapidated) dressers that was in our bedroom for the new little one. Yesterday I did the stripping and later this week I hope to have it completed.
While I was driving to look at the newish dresser, I noticed a hutch/bookcase/cupboard by a dumpster. I stopped to check it out and thought it would make a great book shelf. I waited a whole day before I waddled my prego self back to the dumpster(it was sitting beside it) and hoisted it into the back of my mini-mini van. After loading it, I noticed there was a couple standing there watching me in quite intently as I left with it in my car.
The book shelf too, is going to get a new coat of paint and will take the place of our shelf that has become too small. It is a really solid piece and I'm excited to see how it is going to turn out.
Along with this I am hoping to get my lovely window from Betina painted and hung in my living room. There are also some picture frames I'd also like to paint, and if I really get nesty I may just paint the wall going to the basement.
I would suggest you not hold me to any of these commitments, because really who knows...tomorrow all of my steam may be gone and I will once again be left with a bunch of projects that sit around until my next (if there is ever one) pregnancy.
More pictures are sure to follow, albeit who knows how soon...I seem to get lazy when it comes to blogging lately.
Things are well and life is good.
Oh, and did I mention that Rick is one of the Seminary teachers for our wards? Busy guy, who really is amazing! This is a topic I plan to cover more in depth in the near future...although, I'm sure he will hate the post when I actually get around to it.


Suzie-Q said...

So many project! Don't make yourself sick inhaling all the fumes of paint!
That dance class looks like a ton of fun, Hailey would love to do something like that.
I am excited for Rick I thinkn he will do an awesome job. Can't wait to hear a little more about that!

Jen said...

way to go oscar! that's fantastic! and i bet poppy is loving dance- what better excuse to wear her tutus?! :)
you look fantastic- even from a toddler perspective. i really like your hair! i haven't seen it that dark before.
good luck with the projects- you have so much more ambition than i do. i mainly want to sleep all day every day. at 34 weeks, i imagine it will be more of the same for me.
rick will be a great seminary teacher. i'm trying to figure out if he runs to the church, gets ready, teaches, then runs to work and does a second get ready routine? i think it would be less complicated on bike- but running with a backpack...that's kind of not so good.
your poor nose. breaking it during pregnancy should be banned. my mom broke hers while pregnant with me- but hers occurred when a toilet seat came slamming back down after a bout of morning sickness. ick. either way, adding pain to discomfort is no good.

the herd said...

Wow, that was a load! You are one busy mamma bee! I would love to see the furniture you grabbed! Funny! I can just imagine what the outward lookers thought! Keep up the good work! Man, I'm tiered just from reading about it!

Kristen Woffinden said...

Wowee! If you're serious about the wall painting, please call and let me help! We can let Levi and Poppy run wild as we hang over the banister! Seriously, though, let me know.

Kristen Woffinden said...

Oh, and I have 1/2 gallon of black paint if you need any black!

Perry fam said...

Collette you look awesome...I could only wish I looked that cute when I carry babies! Since I was strechted out from the boys my second baby decided to just grow and grow ang grow! And for people I swear women are the worst at commenting on how you look, I would think just being a women they would be a little more sensitve to the expanding bun in the oven. Your kids are awesome...I can't wait until you post pics of the baby!

Allison said...

I re-stumbled upon your blog today as well as all of the other pullman bloggers. I'm pretty sure I was one of the "you look ready" people on Sunday. If it makes you feel any better, I can totally sympathize. By the last 2 months of my pregnancies I feel like nothing but baby.

And I'm totally impressed that you can touch the floor. That is truly amazing.

And I can't wait to see what you do with your projects!