Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebration of life...for Ezra

Persian Sweet and Sour Ratatouille (Taskabab Bedunay Gosht) from Iran. You can find the recipe here (it was too complicated to type out).
Saturday night we had the pleasure of being invited to a "baby shower" of sorts. Only this was a adult party that each couple were to bring a dish from another country, and to share how that country celebrates life.
I recently checked out from the library this great book called "World Vegetarian", by: Madhur Jaffrey's. The recipe turned out to be really cool. It is a bit extensive in time but the result was an exotic fun display of a dish.
For the Iran customs of birth traditions you can check out this site.
As for the other dishes, they were delightful and I think Kelly wins the prize for the most inventive way of presenting her tradition...she mimicked Americans and their need to have a "shower game" that we will refer to as the pooping potato game.
Two teams line up at one end of the room and they have to carry a potato, between thier legs to the other side of the room and drop it in a pan and run back to the other end (relay style) was hilarious. I suggest everyone play this game with their family. It was too funny! after which she served a delicious cake.
It was very fun and the best part was getting to see baby Ezra in his cute overalls and tie died onesie! Thanks for having a baby Andy and Jori...the night was fun.

She's a Girl...

Today I found my new shiny red shoes, and bra in Poppy's princess bag. I'm certain that Oscar did not find these items the least bit interesting when he was 2 1/2.
She is such a silly girl.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sientist, Postman, and Farm-girl

Oscar's first science project...if you click on the photo you can see the detail of his illustrations. He is so intuitive and loves learning about how the world works. We had a great time doing the experiment. If you are looking for a fun science project you could check out this site.
His first kindergarten filed trip to the post office to mail his paper body to Grandma and Grandpa Edge. His paper body will be visiting us this week...
Poppy closely monitoring the chicks...the sun room is pretty chilly in the mornings, she decided to observe in her blankie.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things I missed while on Lent...Life cereal (of processed food, this was one of the biggies I missed), Chocolate Ovaltine (choc. milk), and Brummel and Brown spread.

Otherwise, this Lent seemed to not be as difficult as I thought it would be. mainly because much of what i was doing were things we had pretty much already implemented long before this lent. Therefore, it wasn't as rewarding as it has been in other years. I think the reason it wasn't as difficult was because it didn't cut off all sweets. This is where I typically struggle, and although I could only have all "whole sweets", I still found plenty of ways to find them.
There were some surprises along the our "Seneca" brand apple sauce, who knew that they put HFC's (high fructose corn syrup) in there, or Raisin Bran???
Pretty crazy! I will continue on my ban of HFC's which I was delighted to find that Jelly Belly's are made with just sugar, no HFC's. I have eaten a ton of them since easter but really...who needs that much sugar?
Now, because I didn't get the wonderful high of knowing I had totally banned sweets from my life for 40 days, I will begin anew this next week. This time I will be doing the no junk food during the week policy. Mon-Fri, no junk food...Sat and Sunday are free days.

So, let's hear how everyone did??? Did you do it? If you slipped did you start up again? Did you learn something about yourself or something you had to give up?
If you were a Lent participant, and if you feel you really gave it a good go. Email me with your address and I will mail you your lent finisher prize.
You must list what you gave up and how it went.
email me at colletted (without the space, I just don't want a ton of spam mail).

I hope that it was rewarding for you and if you are up for my next challenge, get ready it begins next Monday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Note to self...

This was a pic from the spring duathlon on March 15th. I will say that this was taken in the last quarter mile of the race and my hip was killing me...however that picture says it all! I seriously need to work on that.
As for the duathlon, it was 2mi run- 12 ride-2 run. The crazy thing about the race was that the bike segment was what killed my hip. I think it was the steady incline and prolonged seated position that made my hip freak out.
My time was 1:16:04.

Since then, I have been once again trying to rehab my hip. Monday a week ago I almost couldn't do my entire spin class due to the uncomfortable hip. So, back to resting it and trying to get it better.
Today a week and a half later, I am feeling a bit better and I will hopefully be on the mend.
Last week my exercise went like so:
Wed-Workout at the church dance/pilates
Thur-3mile run on treadmill (still painful)
Sat-19 mi ride. It was nice and pretty out. The ride went pretty good. HIlls still hurt the hip.
sun- rest

So, that about sums it all up.
Therefore we have decided that if my hip won't let me run, we should try to get pregnant. Maybe it will give it some time to rest...we shall see.

Chicks, eggs, fat lip, and baby pitas

Oscar and Poppy are the proud parents of four new baby chicks...oh, so cute.
Oscar and Poppy had a great time at the egg hunt/dash for eggs. Poppy was took home the most candy...can you see her full basket below, and Oscar's with a few pieces of candy in it?
Lately Poppy has been very very clumsy. Just last week she took like 5 headers into things (like the floor). Saturday she re-injured her lip that had previously already been fat from a fall the day before. Here she is with the bulging lip. The worst part is that she can't drink out of sippy cups for a while.
Lastly, for my sharing time on Saturday I made 100 baby pitas. The best part about it was that, (thanks to Rick for the idea) I used my new tortilla press to roll out the balls of dough, rather than actually having to roll them out. It worked great and the pitas were great.

Now, I'm sure you are all waiting for the post LENT reward is coming. But it will be a post of it's own.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tattle tell...and information

Oscar- "MOM...Poppy is Spitting on me!!!!...Did you know that Spiderman can fly with his web?"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ticket to heaven...

(oops...sideways photo of our van full of foodie stuff.)
Although most of my readers (the whole 7 of you) know that I am Mormon, and therefore am encourage to have a 6-12 month supply of food storage, they should also know that I am a procrastinator. Over a year ago we purchased 45-six gallon buckets, specifically for the purpose of hoarding food. Up until this past Saturday those buckets have sat in our storage room...just sitting.
Alas, they now are fulfilling their purpose in this life! We have now filled a good portion of those buckets with a supply of food stuff.
Here is the breakdown:
200lbs White wheat
150lbs Rice
100lbs Rolled Oats
50lbs Black beans
50lbs Pinto beans
25lbs White beans
20lbs Macaroni
50lbs Sugar
25lbs Flour

I'm so glad to know that we now have a small stash to build on. Especially when I see the price of wheat rising to upwards of $18 a bushel.
So if ever you are in the area and need some wheat bread or oatmeal...come on by. I'm sure that it will go nicely with the canned food we put away last year. Oh, and I bought a big thing of olive oil and soy know, for cooking with. I'm sure that the pioneers woudl have appreciated some tasty rice with soy sauce. ;0)

St. Patty's day- note to self...

When your children are setting out traps for the elusive leprechauns (i.e. cottage cheese containers with chocolate chips inside), be certain to make sure they are above dog-eating level. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly be up all night with a dog who cannot sleep.
He will wander the house moving furniture, pushing open doors, climbing on kids bed and will want to go outside. That is until you finally decide to lock him in the sun room.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Before...paint and new couches(thank you Ricky for consenting to their purchase ;0))

And another after from another angle...

I can now check off the "list"...painting the walls...I didn't take very good photos but what you don't see are the vaulted ceilings that took a bit of time to paint.
The little table and chairs are the "kiddie table" that is also on the list. I just need to finish painting the water lilies on them and they should be done!
I haven't put any pictures or decorations back up, because I'm not sure where I want them to go. I'm certain it will be another 6 months before I figure that out.
One thing at a time.
now I will try to post all of the other fun things I have been wanting to post...that is, if I don't get distracted.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catch up

Due to complete laziness and being busy, I have neglected posting my recent exercise activities...I have been exercising but just not posting.
On March first we ran the Snake River half marathon and had a great run, albeit a bit windy. Ricky won 3rd place in his age group with a sweet fast finish of 1:24. I ran a 1:58 and was happy to be under 2 hours considering the re-hab that has been taking place on my hip.
I have still been running/spinning/walking and I now teach a small group of ladies at our church pilates on Wednesday's and another friend teaches a dance portion. So I'm getting a bit of cross training and I certainly have not been running like last summer.
Last night I took a run, with no plan as to how far, just to run a feel good. I ran a nice loop of hills and flats with a strong wind on the return for a little over 7 miles. Overall things are feeling good. No sharp pains, mainly just fatigue afterward. I do wonder sometimes if my hip will actually ever really be 100%?
As far as future plans I am planning on doing the Lewiston duathalon this coming Saturday and will plan on the Mother's day ride next month. Other than that I'm not really "training" for anything.
Rick will be doing the Yakima full marathon next month and I am considering signing up to volunteer, since I am certainly not up to marathon distance. Or I may just send him with some of his work buddies...We shall see. It would be fun to actually meet him at the finish line, rather than him having to always meet me.
Well friends the good news is that I'm still active and am loving spring. I'm just not posting because I've been busy and just haven't had the desire.
Keep moving...letty

Monday, March 10, 2008

Absent minded...or just busy.

Blessing or curse I am one "those" people who see something and say..."oh I can do that". Which I probrably can, but because I'm not an expert it takes a bit more time than say, someone who actually CAN do it. I then add it to the list of things I am already doing. I also fall pray to underestimating the amount of interrupted time it takes to do each project. Just to give you an idea (and for me to keep record) here is a list of things that are currently on my to-do list:

-Finish painting living room (although I am now 3/4 way done)
-Finish painting kiddie table/chairs
-Figure out a way to disguise computer in the living room (make more usable)
-Paint picture frames/planting table/coat rack and drop leaf table
-Paint railings in and out, also paint the out-door light fixtures
-Paint front door (take off screen door)
-Get rid of couch in basement that I was going to reupholster (got newer ones so I don't have to). -Get seeds started (Check)
-Paint Poppy's bed (switch her to bed from toddler) Paint some butterflies on the wall with some clouds.
-Finish painting the pic for the kitchen
-Work on plan for raised beds
-Thank Husband for enduring my never ending list of projects.
-Finish one project at a time (this is the hard one).

This my friends is the reason for my blogging absence. Not that a million different blog posts have crossed my mind and camera...just lack of motivation to actually do them when I have so many other things to work on.
As for the lent-observations, recipe updates, and other things that are on my blog-to-do list...they will come in time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lent Observations...

Firstly, did you know that "Honey Maid graham crackers" have HFC's (high fructose corn syrup)??? I know, big surprise, but not really. In fact I hadn't even planned on eating them(they are above the five ingredient limit on processed foods), but was merely giving my kids a snack. When I realized that they too, have been tainted by the HFC craze.

This is just one of the many instances where I have been surprised. Overall I would say that I am really enjoying this deprivation of food that is not good for me. I really am feeling strong. I typically get to this point in the Lent process each year, but this year because I am not just cutting out bad sweets, yet keeping in the good ones, and it is really making it much easier.

Normally when doing my previous format of lent, I allow myself certain "OK" foods (i.e graham crackers, and healthy blueberry muffins). This time however, because I can eat small portions of good sweets I don't find myself craving them all of the time. Except after finishing the half marathon...I'm sure that the ginger-raisin- frosted bars they had at the finish line may have gone against my lent, but I would say that they did resemble something that our grandmother's would recognize. :0)

I'm pretty sure the Gu I hate mid race was against the rules, but I made the executive decision that if I was running 13.1 miles (half of it against a very fierce wind) that it was justified. I had packed some lemon-honey drops to eat in it's place, but after having to stash my jacket due to heat, I decided it was easier (less messy) to stuff a GU in my bra, rather than some honey drops. As I said was a executive decision that I feel was totally justified( if you disagree, you can chastise me in the comments).

Some of the other observations I've noticed...I didn't list it, but one of my other rules was to limit snacks. Try to eat good, thought-out meals so that I feel satisfied until the next meal. This has really been an adjustment, but I totally feel much more in control of my eating. I really enjoy having to make a healthy choice if I really NEED a snack (like after teaching a spinning class). I like not being tempted by the HFC filled candy that my kids like to get out of the candy machines, post class. I really feel much more in control.

As for my kids, I haven't been as strict with them, but I also haven't really purchased any overly processed foods (the graham crackers have been around for months). They have been doing really well with it, and other than being a bit temperamental at first, they have adjusted well.
Today was a testament of how refined sugar effects my kids...we were watching a friends daughter all day and it was her birthday (this particular child has incredibly horrible eating habits, seriously, she only eats corn chips and milk.) but because we had her over and it was her birthday I decided we would make some healthier cupcakes, with real powder-sugared frosting. They also ate corn chip nachos for lunch...I know not so healthy. When I went to get Oscar from school he was energy and was really grumpy. Both of them were begging me for something to eat and they were really energy deficient. The only thing I can think of is that because I haven't been giving them much refined sugar, they totally had a sugar high and drop out.
This is a good thing...I now have evidence that having some sugar is alright, but full -n processed sugar frosting will put them over the edge.

So, that is where we are. I'm really enjoying this process, and I like having to think outside of the box. It really has been a good challenge.

How is your lent coming?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Super Saturday

Snake River Half Marathon-
Yesterday we began our morning with a bit of pre-race family yoga. Then we ventured over to the Sake River Half marathon. Nikki, our friend who lives by the event took our kids and let them play around on her farm while we ran. They had a great time playing in the mud, rocks and stream.
Ricky and I had a great time doing our run. It was super windy and the wind switched a few times during the run, but overall it was really pretty outside and it was so nice to be out running again.
Ricky ran a great run and ran it in 1:24 minutes(his goal was 1:25). He snagged third place in his age group. Here is poppy proudly holding his medal.
I ran it in 1:58 and was happy that I broke two hours. No PR, but at least my hip held out and overall I felt pretty strong and good, even with an intense headwind on the return.

Afterward we went down to Lewiston to the Asotin indoor water park. It was pretty fun, although the Hot tub was the nicest part for me.
Afterward we picked up our new-to-us, old, tiller for $25. A co-worker of Rick's hooked us up with her parent's tiller that they no longer use. We are excited to see how it works and it will be nice not having to borrow someone else's this year.
We polished off the day with a stop on the way home at Patty's Kitchen, tasty Mexican food with delicious veggie tamales. It was a great end to a fun filled day. Our bellies were full, our bodies well worked out, and we were then greeted with this beautiful sunset. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but it was very pretty.
We then came home and read a few stories and went to bed.
Oh, and Rick and I watched the Movie "Hotel Rwanda"...seriously, if you haven't seen this movie you should. I am amazed that the world could allow such atrocities! My heart has been filled with a sadness for all people who are subjected to horrible injustice and cruelty. It makes me want to shout from the roof tops "Peace and Tolerance"!
In fact I sudder to think that we (our country) has brought more violence to regions around this world. It's too bad we can't all just get along. Truly if there is something i cannot understand or comprehend it is discrimination and injustice.
I like to think WWJD...what would Jesus do.
Then to top off my weekend I taught Sharing time today on Christ. His life and that he has filled for us, the atonement, that we cannot do for ourselves. I'm glad i get to teach these children about love, respect and an understanding that there is a plan for this life.
We are SO blessed...may we always remember that.