Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things I missed while on Lent...Life cereal (of processed food, this was one of the biggies I missed), Chocolate Ovaltine (choc. milk), and Brummel and Brown spread.

Otherwise, this Lent seemed to not be as difficult as I thought it would be. mainly because much of what i was doing were things we had pretty much already implemented long before this lent. Therefore, it wasn't as rewarding as it has been in other years. I think the reason it wasn't as difficult was because it didn't cut off all sweets. This is where I typically struggle, and although I could only have all "whole sweets", I still found plenty of ways to find them.
There were some surprises along the way...like our "Seneca" brand apple sauce, who knew that they put HFC's (high fructose corn syrup) in there, or Raisin Bran???
Pretty crazy! I will continue on my ban of HFC's which I was delighted to find that Jelly Belly's are made with just sugar, no HFC's. I have eaten a ton of them since easter but really...who needs that much sugar?
Now, because I didn't get the wonderful high of knowing I had totally banned sweets from my life for 40 days, I will begin anew this next week. This time I will be doing the no junk food during the week policy. Mon-Fri, no junk food...Sat and Sunday are free days.

So, let's hear how everyone did??? Did you do it? If you slipped did you start up again? Did you learn something about yourself or something you had to give up?
If you were a Lent participant, and if you feel you really gave it a good go. Email me with your address and I will mail you your lent finisher prize.
You must list what you gave up and how it went.
email me at colletted @yahoo.com (without the space, I just don't want a ton of spam mail).

I hope that it was rewarding for you and if you are up for my next challenge, get ready it begins next Monday.


Nedge said...

Congratulations! I didn't participate in lent because I don't know what they throw into the food at the cafeteria. (Do I want to know?)

But I will attempt to join you in your crusade against junkfood on the weekdays. I really should cut back on the sweets and the cheez-its.

Mamma Letty said...

Woohoo...we finally have a comment! Thanks Nat! I guess I was in it alone this time around. Or, the people who did it haven't seen my post yet...

Jen said...

you totally rock. i am so amazed by the control you always have!!! your kids are going to benefit so much from the healthy things you do!

mamma locks said...

Hey babe, I missed out on lenting with you but I just started over and this time Rich and I are both lenting sweets/desserts together WOW! He just got the bad news from the Doctor that he is too fat so he's a little self contious and desperate. I've been a health freak though lately so at least I'm not the reason. (Usually its the wife's fault)