Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catch up

Due to complete laziness and being busy, I have neglected posting my recent exercise activities...I have been exercising but just not posting.
On March first we ran the Snake River half marathon and had a great run, albeit a bit windy. Ricky won 3rd place in his age group with a sweet fast finish of 1:24. I ran a 1:58 and was happy to be under 2 hours considering the re-hab that has been taking place on my hip.
I have still been running/spinning/walking and I now teach a small group of ladies at our church pilates on Wednesday's and another friend teaches a dance portion. So I'm getting a bit of cross training and I certainly have not been running like last summer.
Last night I took a run, with no plan as to how far, just to run a feel good. I ran a nice loop of hills and flats with a strong wind on the return for a little over 7 miles. Overall things are feeling good. No sharp pains, mainly just fatigue afterward. I do wonder sometimes if my hip will actually ever really be 100%?
As far as future plans I am planning on doing the Lewiston duathalon this coming Saturday and will plan on the Mother's day ride next month. Other than that I'm not really "training" for anything.
Rick will be doing the Yakima full marathon next month and I am considering signing up to volunteer, since I am certainly not up to marathon distance. Or I may just send him with some of his work buddies...We shall see. It would be fun to actually meet him at the finish line, rather than him having to always meet me.
Well friends the good news is that I'm still active and am loving spring. I'm just not posting because I've been busy and just haven't had the desire.
Keep moving...letty

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