Sunday, March 2, 2008

Super Saturday

Snake River Half Marathon-
Yesterday we began our morning with a bit of pre-race family yoga. Then we ventured over to the Sake River Half marathon. Nikki, our friend who lives by the event took our kids and let them play around on her farm while we ran. They had a great time playing in the mud, rocks and stream.
Ricky and I had a great time doing our run. It was super windy and the wind switched a few times during the run, but overall it was really pretty outside and it was so nice to be out running again.
Ricky ran a great run and ran it in 1:24 minutes(his goal was 1:25). He snagged third place in his age group. Here is poppy proudly holding his medal.
I ran it in 1:58 and was happy that I broke two hours. No PR, but at least my hip held out and overall I felt pretty strong and good, even with an intense headwind on the return.

Afterward we went down to Lewiston to the Asotin indoor water park. It was pretty fun, although the Hot tub was the nicest part for me.
Afterward we picked up our new-to-us, old, tiller for $25. A co-worker of Rick's hooked us up with her parent's tiller that they no longer use. We are excited to see how it works and it will be nice not having to borrow someone else's this year.
We polished off the day with a stop on the way home at Patty's Kitchen, tasty Mexican food with delicious veggie tamales. It was a great end to a fun filled day. Our bellies were full, our bodies well worked out, and we were then greeted with this beautiful sunset. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but it was very pretty.
We then came home and read a few stories and went to bed.
Oh, and Rick and I watched the Movie "Hotel Rwanda"...seriously, if you haven't seen this movie you should. I am amazed that the world could allow such atrocities! My heart has been filled with a sadness for all people who are subjected to horrible injustice and cruelty. It makes me want to shout from the roof tops "Peace and Tolerance"!
In fact I sudder to think that we (our country) has brought more violence to regions around this world. It's too bad we can't all just get along. Truly if there is something i cannot understand or comprehend it is discrimination and injustice.
I like to think WWJD...what would Jesus do.
Then to top off my weekend I taught Sharing time today on Christ. His life and that he has filled for us, the atonement, that we cannot do for ourselves. I'm glad i get to teach these children about love, respect and an understanding that there is a plan for this life.
We are SO blessed...may we always remember that.

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Nedge said...

you guys definitely know how to spend your time on Saturdays! That sounded so fun and fulfilling. Congrats on breaking two hours! :)