Tuesday, February 26, 2008

knock, knock

Lately our kids have been developing their humor skills (or lack there of). In random places while doing random things poppy will chime in with
P-"Knock, Knock."
Me-"who's there"
P-"Wobin Hood"
Me- "Robin hood who?"
P-"Knock, Knock"
Me- "Whos there"
p-"wobin hood"

Over and over again...kinda funny the first few times...and then over and over her and Oscar will go trying to come up with some funny knock, knock and then they try it out again. Always beginning back with "Robin Hood".

The other one that they LOVE is "What do you do if you get swallowed by a Elephant...Jump around until you get pooped out "(you can thank Ricky for that one).
Needless to say I am destined to live in a house full of teases and jokesters...how is it that I am the leveling agent??? Seriously...it's too funny.


Jen said...

too cute- kids have the silliest sense of humor. i think it's to help us not take things so seriously. :) it would be nice if they could remember punch lines, though!

Tanner's Tales said...

I love it...it makes me laugh, and it sounds just like thier dad! (Although, they are much funnier!)