Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ok so here's the question...
I have some non-LDS friends who I met from teaching my spinning classes. Quite some time ago they asked me to be part of a 100k relay team and I told them yes I would love to do it with them. They have had a hard time trying to find enough team players (ten total) and especially a hard time trying to find someone to do the segment that I agreed to's the big hill. I just discovered, after multiple emails and consenting to do the run, that it is on a Sunday.
I generally do not break my "don't run on Sunday" rule and I am having all sorts of angst about this.
I have not paid my money, although they are expecting me to be part of the team.
It is still about two months away, but I think they have to be registered sooner, than later. I am trying to think of someone to fill my slot, but am coming up empty.
It is possible that my leg would fall later in the day and that I could attend part of my church meetings but I'm just not so sure it falls under "keeping the sabbath". And I feel somewhat of a responsibility to keep my stance on the no running policy.
So, what would you do?
Rick is no help...he won't give me advice either way.


Traci said...

Wow, hard decision. Pray about it? I say don't do it, but I see what you mean by leaving the group hanging. Bummer you can;t think of someone else to take your spot. Could you maybe put up a sign at your gym you teach at?

Old Warrior said...

Ask the 40-year-old Letty which decision she would be proud to have made...

Mamma Letty said...

Just emailed the team leader and told her that I wouldn't be able to do it...I know deep down that I don't want to compromise my stand. Especially when I have been so blessed to do all that we do already. Here's one for the memory bank, when Oscar is grown and has to make the same choice.

mamma locks said...

Hey call me a rebel but I think you should do it. Repent later. In the mean time you are developing very cool relationships and bonding with people that you (of course) will have a huge impact on. Yeah Yeah but every mormon would say " being a good example is the biggest impact" I totally disagree. Developing relationships is what this life is all about and compromising a standard (running on sunday) that isn't indocterinated in the church is no big deal. This run could have been a great relationship builder and your standard to not run on sundays could continue in the future with more notice to your friends who would understand.
(Can you tell carla bailey has influenced me?)

JoAnna said...

I think that you shouldn't. The times that my friends became most intrigued in the gospel is when I stood strongly to my values. It shows them that regradless of what may come you stand the same. The other thing is that they may not think that Sunday's make any difference and may ask you later on to participate in a race that falls on Sunday. I think you should stand strong and explain to them your conviction to keep the sabbath day holy.

Bonnie said...

yeah, my mom is awesome with relationships, but she loves people so much that she can stand up for what she believes and they still love her. I have to say Carla would have advised me not to run. I'm proud of you Collette. It is very hard. I also think it's a small step towards what you'll face in the future with your kids. I get so frustrated when parents let their kids do sporting activities on Sunday and justify it because the season is only a temporary thing.

Samuel the prophet kind of summed it up for Saul. "Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice." 1 Sam. 15:22.

Anyways, you already made the right decision. As you can tell, I feel pretty strongly about this one.

Carla said...

Hey Guys! Wow I love this blogging thing because we can actually talk to each other and get a glimpse into each others lives. I was just reading comments on Letty's blog and I feel her delema.
I live out in the mission field and things like this happen all of the time. Early on we as a family had to stand solid for every decision because if not it would come back as a negative and haunt us later.
What I love most about you Heather is that you have unconditional love for everyone around you. You remind me of your father. He loved everyone and made them feel important. This is one of your greatest gifts. I see what you mean in reaching out and making it a missionary effort. In the abstract this could possibly work. I think however I would personally grab their friendship and still stand strong on the no running on Sunday thing.
I just feel that if we compromise on the basics for example "keeping the sabbath day holy" We can find ourselves compromising other things. Satan would love for us to loose sight of the simple rituals that keep us safe and on firm ground. (reading scriptures, praying, following the guide lines set out for us.) This separates us from the rest of the world. This is also what is attracting many people to our religion. They want to stand for something and although it is hard for them to make the change, they are very critical of us and are watching our every move to see if we are going to comply.
I have so many great memories of all of you girls in my home. I feel as if you are all my own daughters. I am proud to be your aunt. You are the best of the best! Keep blogging and throwing things out so we can talk about them. Love always Carla (mom)

anna jo said...

way to stand firm, letty! I am proud of you.

I, too, have struggled with these same decisioins. when I first started running marathons I made a commitment to myself that I would never run one on a sunday. now part of the fun (and definitely a challenge at times) is finding cool races to do that are held on a saturday. but they are out there, so all is well. that just means I have to sacrifice and not run big sur, or new york, or chicago or whatever! but I'm okay with that.

it's also a big part of why I stopped playing club ultimate frisbee. I hated telling the teams that wanted me to play with them that I can only play in the saturday games, but not the sunday ones in tournaments. now I just avoid the situation all together. it's really worked out for me.

and anyway, I'm sure these people will still want to be your friend, you'll still build relationships, and continue to be a good example. you totally made the right decision.

Mamma Letty said...

update: I'm so glad to have so many wonderful comments!! I love being able to share these things with all of you.
I just received and email form the leader and she said it was no problem, she would find someone. All is well.
Thanks for all of the great advice.
I really do feel so blessed to be able to run as much as I do and I want to take the "Sunday" sacrifice in an effort to really thank god for my healthy body.
Thanks everyone!

Jen said...

not like i'm going to add anything to these comments, but just know i'm impressed with you and with your decision. :) i have a lot to talk to you about on this sometime- we're not always so good about adhering to not doing races on sunday but i'd like to make that commitment.