Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

I have recently just finished reading this book, very good by the way, and have decided to fashion my "lent" around it.
The basic premise of the book is to "Eat Food(real food), not too much, mostly plants". It also suggests that we shouldn't eat anything that our Great grandparents wouldn't recognize as food.
He give some great parameters and of those this is what my "lent" will be:
1. No HFC's (High fructose corn syrup) This is more difficult than you may think considering it is in practically everything, even bread. I know just how difficult it is...I just did my shopping trip.
2. Refrain from eating highly processed foods...nothing with more than five ingredients on the label, and they all need to be recognizable ingredients. It can have more than 5 ingredients if they are all real foods stuff.
3. Proportion control. I will serve our food before dinner and leave the pans on the stove, therefore taking the amount of food I want on my first serving rather than continuing to graze after I have eaten my fill.
4. Eat lost of plants...I love this one and this shouldn't be too tough.
5. Refrain from eating highly processed grains...everything I eat/make will be at least 50% whole grain. No white bread or rice for me...I can use a little but it needs to be combined with the others.

Alright I think that is it. You see, I may actually be able to eat limited amounts of chocolate this year. Especially dark, pure chocolate. I am really excited for the challenge this year! I feel like I want to rid my self of all of the nasty holiday foods I have been eating non-stop since Thanksgiving.

So friends the challenge is out. You may choose what ever you want, but make it something that you can measure and control. I can't wait to see who is up for the challenge.
You can even pass on the challenge on your blog...Good Luck!
I would love to hear updates too.


Nedge said...

Oh, boy. I'd gladly love to take up the challenge, but seeing the food at the cafeteria is most of the time unrecognizable...
Maybe when I have my own kitchen, I'll take you up on this.

You'll have to keep us all updated, and tell us how you do!

Rach said...

I heard about the book on NPR and it sounds great. I'll have to see if the library has it. I especially love the part about only eating food our grandparents would recognize. I remember the example was yogurt. Yogurt is good and healthy, but which of our grandparents would recognize blue yogurt?(gogurt, bleh)

JoAnna said...

I'm "in." I am chosing to give up all soda and candy. Saying since I need to make this a life long venture I might as well start with your version of lent. Well off we go... hope you do well.

mama rhodes said...

Hey, I know you like to grind your own wheat but...At Smiths, in the baking aisle, they have 100% all purpose whole wheat flour. I can use this flour in all of my recipies and its works just like white flour. If you can find it, it makes choc chip cookies gourmet. The only trick is when you fill up your 1 cup, leave out maybe 1 TBS worth--then the mix wont be too dry/heavy.

anna jo said...

I know you can do this. I've already been trying to eat a diet like this... whole foods, definitely no high fructose corn syrup or hydrognated oils of any sort. it's very surprising what that stuff is in--practically everything! I'm definitely more conscience of food labels/ingredient lists than ever before. I love it when I make a meal and everything on the table is whole, natural foods. nothing from a box, etc. those are my favorite.

I still don't know what I should give up for fake lent... but I want to take the challenge. (mostly for the surprise if I make it)

what should I do??

Mamma Letty said...

Glad to see so many folks "in"! Today has been a great start and I hope all of you choose something challenging.
It doesn't have to be about food. You can make it whatever you want. I suggest doing something that is a weakness.

mamma locks said...

So I honestly think I have the none recognizable food boycott down, but my issue lately is sweets. I think I just need to be tough and show my kitchen who's boss. I'm chucking all candy and sweets as of now. Count me in :o)

Angela said...

How interesting that I posted a similar challenge on my blog on Wednesday, too! I think it is great to find a support team to help in making positive eating habits. We recently went totally vegan with NO SUGAR (excuse me, while I wistfully daydream about a Hershey's kiss). Overall it is not so bad for me, my husband is not enjoying it so much. But we made the decision to do it since he was just diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma. I'm giving him the best foods to fight it. But it has meant restocking my whole kitchen with all sorts of new stuff. But it is amazing what all we are throwing out. And, you are right, sugar is in everything. Good luck on your new endeavor!


kristi said...

oh my i can't even imagine. but am putting that on my library list.

kristi said...

ok it must be an amazing book we have 10 libraries in our county and all have it checked out and most of them have back up holds. so i still have a few more weeks to eat my cadbury eggs without realzing how horrible they are.
and my grandparents would recognize them, they would say hey, "dark brown eggs"