Sunday, February 10, 2008


For quite some time, at least since the beginning of this whole injured hip stuff, I have felt somewhat stifled. My mind wants to run across mountains and body says no-way. It is so frustrating to know what my body is capable of and then having to scale back considerably due to injury.
Yesterday was the most liberating run i have had since November! I ran ten miles and just so you can understand how great it was i will also say that I did the first eight miles on an out and back road (meaning that I was back at my car at mile 8) and I had enough energy and no pain to be able to do another out and back mile to complete the goal of ten miles. The reason that is so noteworthy is because had there been any bit of pain I'm certain I would have forfeited the last two and justified my early finish due to discomfort. But there wasn't least until I finished mile nine., and then it still wasn't too bad.
suddenly I'm beginning to feel like I may actually be able to do the half marathon on march 1st!!! WooHOoo!
The ten miles seemed to roll on by as I traversed on a wide country road through drifted fields of snow. The weather was in the upper30's-maybe even 40, and I felt like I owned the road. This is why I run. The clarity and peaceful communion between my body and spirit. Suddenly they are both at peace and I can contemplate the more pressing points of my life. It's funny that in those moments, I may actually feel closer to deity than in most other situations in a regular day. Today I feel great! A tinge of discomfort in my hip but on a scale of 1-10 I would put it at a 2.
Oh, boy snake river half here I come! (we won't talk about speed at this point...merely being able to do it is was matters)

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