Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly stuff...

Poppy girl is now a "big girl" with a new bed set up. The first few days of transition she was having a tough time going to sleep for nap time, before I had to wake her to get Oscar from school. By Friday she was doing a pretty good job of just lying down and going to sleep.
I think someone has transplanted a much more cooperative child in my midst. She has really turned a corner on being so stubborn. Don't get me wrong she can still hold her own. But, lately she wants to snuggle more and is really more considerate than she has been. I'm really loving her stage right now.
Oscar has turned a new leaf in learning just in the last few weeks. His counting has really increased. He can now pretty much count to 100 (if he can see the #'s) and we got a note this last week that he counted to 59 in class. This is a big breakthrough considering he kept getting hung up on 20. He also is reading the little books much better and is really starting to sound out the words. He still uses the pictures but is starting to correct himself and is really looking at the words instead of just guessing.
I love sitting with him and just reading...too bad he only likes to do it for a limited amount of time. Although, i think he would let me read to him forever. We have read through 5 chapter books this week. They are a series we just received from his book order and they are just the right length that we can read through the whole thing in one sitting and they are adventure stories. They are the "Magic Tree House by: Mary Pope Osborne" Series, in case you are looking for some good books for his age group.

And we have had much more of this white fluffy/or not-so fluffy stuff. I really looking forward to spring...I know you say it is only the beginning of FEBRUARY, but seriously...I can't get my mind off of walking in flip flops and feeling some sunshine on my face!
I took a 10 mile run yesterday (for more enlightenment on this run you can check out my other blog) and the road had cleared off from some rain, and the sun peaked out a few times, I felt like I was a whole new person.
Tomorrow for family Home Evening we are goign to take a seed inventory to decide what we want to grow and what we need to order. Lucky for us Auntie Emily and Uncle Carvel sent us an abundance of seeds so we may not need to buy any!
Come the end of the month we shall have our seeds ready to start! This is were spring really begins...oh, boy I can't wait to get those little seeds in some dirt and to see something green growing!


Traci said...

We love the Magic Tree House series. A few months back Wendy's the resturant was giving out books on cd's of them. We got one and my tykes love it!
Your pot stickers look yummy!
You can come to our house and help me plant some stuff too!!

Jen said...

ok, i must stay in washington to be tutored by you in a) the laws of cooking; b) how to get my kid to turn out well and c) how to plant a garden (among a myriad of other things!). thank heavens for blogs and you can look forward to me eagerly asking for instruction!

by the way, are you so crazy that you teach your class THEN run 10 miles?! :) this must be the discipline i am missing!

Mamma Letty said...

I didn't teach on Saturday...only the first Saturday of the month! :0)