Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Sampler

February family vacation to to grandparents was a big hit. We first had a fun time seeing grandma and grandpa Edge, along with the cousins Willie and Micah. While dad attended meeting the kids were lost in a world full of imagination and play, with grandma taking roles such as "shark" or any other character they could think of. Poppy was successful in keeping all of the boys in line and making sure she got plenty of snuggles from Grandpa (Micah was quite sad to have to share is snuggly grandpa). We also got to visit all of the Aunties and uncles (except for Reed who we certainly missed).
Grandma Kayser was a treat to see on our way out of town. Poppy gave her lots of snuggles and it was so nice to spend time with all of our grandmas.(Horse powered snow sledding. Grandpa pulled the kids up and down the road. We also played some human hockey puck by tossing the kids back and forth on the tubes. The Road was so icy that it was perfect.)
Grandma and Grandpa Dilworth's house was a big treat. Oscar had a hard time staying inside. That boy would spend hour out exploring the snow drifts, chicken coop, tractor, and any other diversion he could find to keep himself out in the winter wonderland.
He thought this snow drift looked like a nice place to take a nap in the sunshine. I then had to convince him to come inside to get ready for church...he was not happy about that.

If I am ever lucky enough to have a few acres of land...this is what I want to own. grandpa's Newly re-furbished Ford-9n 1939 tractor. It was so fun to drive. Even Oscar was able to drive it down the country road. He wasn't too sure what to think of it at first but by the end of our trip he was loving it. Ah, brings me back to my country bunkin' days.
Oscar had fun trying to catch the chickens in the coop...he was never successful. Even in an enclosed environment those Chickens were quite fact the Rooster gave him a bit of a chewing out from up above in the rafters.
Poppy LOVED the horse "Queeny" When we arrived she couldn't wait to get on her. After riding for a little bit on the horse, we asked her if she wanted down and she said "no". She was so happy to be up there riding...a girl after her mom's heart.
We were lucky enough to see a lot of cousin's this trip. At Grandma's we saw Russel, Aleshia, Brighton, Jason, Braden, Bryce, Hayden, Ryan, Mitzy, baby Lynlee, Aunt Joanna and uncle Adam, Aunt Verena, Uncle Lance and Moria, Auntie Rosa, and Aunt Marie.
We then stoped in Pocatello on our way home to see Aunt Katrina and our cousins, Kyle, Daniel, Julianna, and Heidi. We had some tasty cold stone ice cream and we were on our way to Boise.
We stopped in Boise and stayed the night at My Aunt Eileen's house where we saw My grandma Mary Dilworth (my kindred spirit).
And My Aunt Eileen and my great-Aunt Ingajean. We had a nice visit seeing these three wonderful women. I love to feel their sweet hugs and warm smiles that remind me of how much I am truly loved, and how many wonderful people I have had in my life.
This trip was such a fun time for us to really see a lot of our family and to have some fun experiences.
A big Thank you to all who shared their homes and time with us. We really loved being able to see all of you!


Nedge said...

That looks like so much fun! Maybe I'll sneak into your trunk next time and visit.

By the way, concerning your "lent" diet, Mom said that Grandma Kayser's mom probably wouldn't have recognized pinapple...

Jen said...

so cool that you got to take a trip! AND that you got pictures of family- i need to do more of that...