Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Note to self...

When purchasing an item on-line and from the UK...It would be smart to note the exchange rate from pounds to dollars before purchasing said item. Rather than having the husband get the credit card statement and ask "how much was ___ item?" Only to find that it was double what I thought it would be.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy 31 Ricky!

You can see here by his charming good looks and great legs...why I can't help but gloat over such a great husband!
Saturday Ricky turned the big 31. To celebrate, me and the kids took him camping...ate at a little Old European restaurant (not so great), did a 15 mi run, and went and saw Shrek the Third.
All the while, he was his great, accommodating self for my sometimes less-than-well planned out activities.
Tonight, we had his tasty birthday cake. I can't help but wish that we had gone digital back when we were first married...oh, the good pics I would be able to post...but these are pretty good too!

Here is a glimpse at the fun and joy I have, being married to the Rickster. He certainly brightens our world. Rick seems to bring out the best in me...pushing me to new lengths (literally...yesterday he carried all of our water and support for our 15 mi run...Me? I carried nothing!) Not to mention that he frequently will push our two children on 13 mi runs!! His strength and endurance is quite amazing!
(I'm sure he is blushing right now as he reads this...) ;0)
And last but not least...I can't help but adore the fact he adores our kids...and they adore him. He is such a great daddy!
Happy Birthday Numero-Uno Big Papa!

Pics: Ricky on our mother's day ride, Ricky sharing the simple-
but cool things of the world with lil'O, and Ricky and Poppy on the
beach last fall.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tattle Tell

"MOM! The wind is following me!!!!" (whined in the usual tattle tell tone)
My response...
"Wind, Stop following Oscar!"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Living without ID

Tuesday morning my spouse left on a business trip for four days...Taking with him my purse that I accidentally left under the driver seat. Since Tuesday I have been trying to survive without my purse. At first it seemed impossible...then I went to my bank and asked them to give me money (without ID). I had my check book in hand however and they were kind enough to oblige. I then went to the grocery store and they allowed me to write my check and the clerk was nice enough to let me go without ID.
Since then I have been doing alright...surviving with the $ the bank gave me. I do however experience this panicky, naked feeling without it. Today, being that I forgot to purchase some of the groceries we needed...I tired to write a check. The clerk however was not as nice, and made me use the cash I was reserving for "just in case". I hate having to reiterate my story about my situation, in hopes that they will count me honest enough to let the no ID thing slide.
I have found I really do need my drivers license and bank cards to feel comfortable in a store...knowing that if at any moment they ask me for the ID to prove my Identity, I can give it to them. I find myself getting red in the face at the idea of writing a check out, hoping that they are not going to ask for my ID.
Discovering that I could have millions of dollars in the bank and no way to really access it with a check, without ID, is quite frustrating! Not to mention the people behind you in line who are listening in on my dialog with the clerk, who are no doubt trying to decided weather or not they should trust me. I find it all very disturbing!
As of tonight, I have $14 left of the money I took from the bank and one day left until dad's return. I think I can make it. Next time I think I will be a bit more prepared!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Five to Lil' O

Five Years ago at this very moment I was sitting in a recovery room admiring the little hands and feet of our little Oscar. I remember thinking that he had a great head! The perfect side profile, identical to his dad's. He was such a pretty baby (I'm not bias...Poppy wasn't as well defined and proportioned as lil'O). One thing was for sure and that was that Ricky and I were so excited to have our boy. I don't think that has changed. Him and his daddy are still like two peas in a pod.
I can hardly believe he is five! I know we hear that all of the time, but it is sooo true!
Some time warp has taken place and left me with this adorable, smart, funny, quirky little boy who thinks he is full time super-hero, part time boy and brother.
That was then...
This was Monday...Oscar's Progressive birthday. With daddy being out of town today, we celebrated his birthday on Monday. I made a smokin' volcano cake, and Oscar got his new bike.
Road rash won't spoil this boy's enthusiasm. He begs me at every down-time moment to be on his bike. This boy was born to ride! I can't help but want to just squeeze him and snuggle him...He is after all still my little boy.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Delights

Nothing quite says "Happy Mother's Day!" quite like: A Yodeling concert, sour dough waffle breakfast, fresh lilacs on the table, fresh trout dinner, strawberry layer cake, with a little road rash on the top!
Ah, Yes...all the typical family variety spice, that keeps us Mommies coming back for more. I have definitely had a perfectly great weekend.
Saturday: Sour dough pancakes, 13mi run, yard work, pizza, Oscar's bike ride with his new bike garb (courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Edge), Rick and I leaving the kids with the babysitter for a Wiley Gustafson concert (one of my little known secrets is that I adore yodeling! It makes my hart sing! Seriously, it was probably the best concert I've ever been to!).

Sunday: Sour dough waffles, Dancing around the house to my new yodeling CD with my kiddies, our regular Sunday walk, Church, a tasty dinner, then a bike/walk with little O' that tragically ended with his first good dash of Road rash. After my special mother touch of band-aids, hugs and kisses, my kiddies are now tucked sweetly in bed.

The happy days of motherhood...sweet, spice and everything nice. Happy Mother's day to all of our sweet moms in blog world!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oscar sprouts bike wings...

Yesterday Oscar sprouted his bike wings...on his first try he was off and flying. Two days ago he decided he didn't want his training wheels on anymore...yesterday he took flight.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Honesty...the best policy!

Earlier this morning as my kiddies and I were entering a book store to purchase our Grandmommy presents, I happened to notice two, somewhat odd, gentlemen standing outside the door. Thinking nothing of it, we went in the store, made our purchase and continued to the car. Upon arrival one of the characters (we'll refer to him as "Shades") approached me and said "Excuse me, I think you must have brushed your car against mine". Being entirely unprepared for such an inquiry I was taken back.
I said I'm sorry I really didn't brush up against your car. "Shades" looking at me with disbelief showed me the mark and (honestly the mark was in a position that truly it would have been very difficult to do) even after seeing the little scuff mark I apologized (because it seemed like a nice thing to do) but I said I'm certain I did not bump his car.
So, here is the dilemma...A. Yes there was a scuff mark...B. I know I did not make the mark...C. I really felt somewhat like it was a set up...(I should probably note that the car was a really nice royal blue BMW coupe)(These two gentlemen were students...I could tell because their car was packed with all of their belongings...and they seemed to be just standing around watching the people coming and going).
It was all so strange! After discussing the scuff and me explaining that honestly I did not make the mark, "shades" said "well if you didn't do it I guess you didn't...I guess I'll just have to see if I can buff it out" (said in a tone that was meant to inflict guilt and a confession).
After leaving the parking lot I called my lawyer husband to see if there was something more I should have done...and of coarse he said I probably should have called the police. So, as I arrived home I called and explained to them what happened...just in case "shades" decided to call in a hit and run or something.
Now, a few hours later an officer called to see about my report and he informed me that they haven't received anything at all.
So, now I feel like a schmuck! Here I was feeling like a victim of circumstance and treating "shades" like he was a conniving student looking for an easy target to blame his scuff mark on.
I realize that I was hurt that someone would question my honesty. Yet, at the same time I was questioning his!!!!! I truly did not do the scuff mark, and truly there was a scuff mark. So, why was I so brash to think that he would be trying to frame me???
I am sad that we live in a world where we question honesty and integrity because we are afraid of being naive and stepped upon. I don't feel bad about not confessing...(I had done nothing wrong)...but I'm sad that out there somewhere "shades" is questioning my integrity.
So, Shades if you are out there in blog world reading my blog...I hope that the scuff buffs out! Sorry I doubted your intentions.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Embracing Avacado!

Tada! Here we have the new and improved Avocado Kitchen decor. Looking at the top left corner you will notice the sweet, vintage, light fixtures we inherited with the house. Along with the lights, we have the avocado counter tops to boot!
When one is placed in such an environment, they have two choices...A. Convince the husband that the light fixtures and counter tops must GO! Or B. she can Embrace the Avocado!!!!
Here you can see my completed curtains along with the lovely chocolate colored walls.
I think I really like it...Ooops...did I say that out loud????
I have included a picture of the "knobs" I had ordered...After Painting them to look like the actual knobs I ordered...this is what the finished knob looked like. (No need to fear, I called the knob company and they said they would give me a discount, considering the knobs looked quite different than advertised.)
So, there you have it...looks a bit like minty chocolate!