Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Honesty...the best policy!

Earlier this morning as my kiddies and I were entering a book store to purchase our Grandmommy presents, I happened to notice two, somewhat odd, gentlemen standing outside the door. Thinking nothing of it, we went in the store, made our purchase and continued to the car. Upon arrival one of the characters (we'll refer to him as "Shades") approached me and said "Excuse me, I think you must have brushed your car against mine". Being entirely unprepared for such an inquiry I was taken back.
I said I'm sorry I really didn't brush up against your car. "Shades" looking at me with disbelief showed me the mark and (honestly the mark was in a position that truly it would have been very difficult to do) even after seeing the little scuff mark I apologized (because it seemed like a nice thing to do) but I said I'm certain I did not bump his car.
So, here is the dilemma...A. Yes there was a scuff mark...B. I know I did not make the mark...C. I really felt somewhat like it was a set up...(I should probably note that the car was a really nice royal blue BMW coupe)(These two gentlemen were students...I could tell because their car was packed with all of their belongings...and they seemed to be just standing around watching the people coming and going).
It was all so strange! After discussing the scuff and me explaining that honestly I did not make the mark, "shades" said "well if you didn't do it I guess you didn't...I guess I'll just have to see if I can buff it out" (said in a tone that was meant to inflict guilt and a confession).
After leaving the parking lot I called my lawyer husband to see if there was something more I should have done...and of coarse he said I probably should have called the police. So, as I arrived home I called and explained to them what happened...just in case "shades" decided to call in a hit and run or something.
Now, a few hours later an officer called to see about my report and he informed me that they haven't received anything at all.
So, now I feel like a schmuck! Here I was feeling like a victim of circumstance and treating "shades" like he was a conniving student looking for an easy target to blame his scuff mark on.
I realize that I was hurt that someone would question my honesty. Yet, at the same time I was questioning his!!!!! I truly did not do the scuff mark, and truly there was a scuff mark. So, why was I so brash to think that he would be trying to frame me???
I am sad that we live in a world where we question honesty and integrity because we are afraid of being naive and stepped upon. I don't feel bad about not confessing...(I had done nothing wrong)...but I'm sad that out there somewhere "shades" is questioning my integrity.
So, Shades if you are out there in blog world reading my blog...I hope that the scuff buffs out! Sorry I doubted your intentions.


Abby Norman said...

He he.
Yes, that's what's wrong with this present-day society.
I never know who to trust, and whether they're honest or not.

I wish I coulda seen what Enoch was like...for a day.

mama rhodes said...

why only a day, abby norman?

Abby Norman said...

Because I obviously belong in this era...but I'd like to see what it was like, nonetheless.

old warrior said...

the guy was looking for a few quick bucks. Be honest-especially with yourself. You did right. I hope you said you were sorry that his ride had a scuff, not that you were sorry that you did it. He may have had good intentions, but...
Long perspective-his nice BMW will, within 19 years, be a block of scrap metal being recycled into something else! It is just a thing.