Thursday, May 17, 2007

Living without ID

Tuesday morning my spouse left on a business trip for four days...Taking with him my purse that I accidentally left under the driver seat. Since Tuesday I have been trying to survive without my purse. At first it seemed impossible...then I went to my bank and asked them to give me money (without ID). I had my check book in hand however and they were kind enough to oblige. I then went to the grocery store and they allowed me to write my check and the clerk was nice enough to let me go without ID.
Since then I have been doing alright...surviving with the $ the bank gave me. I do however experience this panicky, naked feeling without it. Today, being that I forgot to purchase some of the groceries we needed...I tired to write a check. The clerk however was not as nice, and made me use the cash I was reserving for "just in case". I hate having to reiterate my story about my situation, in hopes that they will count me honest enough to let the no ID thing slide.
I have found I really do need my drivers license and bank cards to feel comfortable in a store...knowing that if at any moment they ask me for the ID to prove my Identity, I can give it to them. I find myself getting red in the face at the idea of writing a check out, hoping that they are not going to ask for my ID.
Discovering that I could have millions of dollars in the bank and no way to really access it with a check, without ID, is quite frustrating! Not to mention the people behind you in line who are listening in on my dialog with the clerk, who are no doubt trying to decided weather or not they should trust me. I find it all very disturbing!
As of tonight, I have $14 left of the money I took from the bank and one day left until dad's return. I think I can make it. Next time I think I will be a bit more prepared!


Abby Norman said...

That sounds like no fun!

Isn't it interesting that they don't require ID for checks that pay the bills? ;)

Good luck in making it!

I feel naked like you mention when I forget my wallet...

mummy said...

hummm-I think the people in line were thinking if they should change lines. Of course if it were me I would change lines only to find one longer than the original.