Friday, August 31, 2007

My not-so-little O'

All smiles...look grandma I'm even wearing my tie-dyed shirt we made!
Here's "Mrs. B"(is it just me or does she look a little apprehensive too?) Not really...just a bad shot! She really seems like a great teacher! Very enthusiastic and the kids love her!
Off he goes to the world of learning...(notice how reverently he is walking...)

We have arrived...Ricky and I have officially entered the world of school, from the parents perspective! Today, as I dropped my Lil'O off at the school he was all smiles and excited for his new school adventures.
Tuesday, we had the teacher open house where we were able to meet "Mrs. B" for the first time. He was shy, apprehensive and overall, a little not sure what to think. That night for bed time prayers he prayed that he wouldn't be shy like he was today.
Wednesday, we had the Mom-Oscar school orientation day. After getting into class and seeing the surroundings he was all smiles and was no longer shy.
Today, was the REAL first day of school...right now he is sitting in class, no doubt loving every minute. Oh, the memories...

**Update** While walking home from school I asked O' what he learned about today...
O'- "We have lots of rules and some important stuff."
Me-"Oh, what types of important stuff?"
O'- "I don't really remember...but it's important."
After this lovely conversation he found a piece of concrete and said "Mom look, I think it is an asteroid!"
Me- Wow, that is really cool maybe we can show dad...
Few steps later..."Wow, Mom look I found another asteroid that is burned"( a piece of concrete that is black on one side).
I'm grateful that although he is in "school", he is is still very much interested in the little simple things of the world...this is going to be a great year.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning run!

(Ok, so this is a sunset on the ocean...but similar in color to today's week we will be back at the ocean for a family ocean vacation)
Today as I walked out the door for my six mile run, the world greeted me with this gorgeous sunrise of brilliant pink and orange...I couldn't help thinking...oh, what a beautiful world! The run was great, I felt good, I had a good pace and the multiple big palouse hills didn't even kill me. I was like a fee running antelope. I truly love seeing the sunrise...but it is so difficult to get myself up and out of bed!

Throughout this summer training...still in training...2 1/2 weeks to the next marathon, I have ran at various times of the day. By a long shot, the more successful, enjoyable runs are found in the early morning hours. Yet, I still find myself having a hard time yanking my rear out of bed.
Yesterday, due to a power outage, Rick and I decided to do our run in the evening. It was a 6 mi. run, which in the early morning isn't a big deal. But last night, I found myself a bit sluggish and icky feeling...I'm sure it had something to do with eating throughout the day and having to deal with the heat. I just had no gumption!

I'm slowly(very slowly) coming to the conclusion that if I can resist the temptation of laying in my cozy warmness...that I will inevitably be greeted with a beautiful sunrise and a great run...but I digress.....someday I'll master the bed monster that holds me captive and deceives me into believing that I can have a better run in the evening! It rarely happens!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Visit Re-cap

Last Wednesday we ventured to the South-Eastern side of Idaho to see my family. We drove all night Wednesday to arrive Thursday morning. Upon venturing out on our first activity I realized that I forgot the battery camera at home left in the charger...
Therefore, here is the re-cap of the trip...Picture-less unless the Auntie Rosa or Uncle Don send me some...
Day one-
We took the Western tour of the Oregon trail center and Aunt Katrina set us up with a dutch-oven dinner placed inside a covered wagon while we were serenaded by a quintuplet of siblings who were really quite talented.
After touring the Museum and exploring the world of the pioneers...we were off to go fishing with Grandma and Gramps...We went to the pretty Bloomington Lake and spent the afternoon in the pretty mountains catching some fish...that is Oscar and Rick got 2, the first of which we threw back. Too bad I don't have the pretty picture of the catch!
We were then off back to grandma and grandpa D's for some marshmallows on the fire in their back yard.
Day 2-
Friday Morning 5am...
Getting in the 20 mi run. Lucky for me My Daddy D accompanied me on the journey on his bike. It truly was my highlight of the trip! Spending three hours with my dad in the early morning hours, seeing the sun come up and seeing the pretty farm roads, a few pretty lamama with their cute little baby. Truly we had a great time pounding out those miles. Later int he day we dropped off Rickster in Montpelier to run his 20miler to meet us at Bear Lake.
Friday afternoon we spent hanging out at Bear Lake. Rick actually ran 22.5 miles in the heat of the day. Followed by his playful fun times in the lake with all the kids.
My best friend from High School Angie came to see me with her hubby and kids. It was really fun to get to see her. She and I were inseparable in high school...time keeps us apart and yet we get together and just pick up where we left off.
I think we had a great time...Poppy stealing the other kids food and toys...Oscar in his element with water sand and other kids. WE really had a good time...
Smiley however wasn't so lucky...unbeknown to us he was not allowed to step foot on the beach. Therefore I left the back of the van open with him tied to the seat...he could see all of the fun but not participate.
When we were ready to leave the van battery was dead (I know common theme). Luckily the beach police had a charge pack thing that did the trick to get us back on the road.
At the end of the day my sweet Sis Katrina made us a tasty vegetarian dinner. I'm really grateful for all of the work that my family went to to make our stay comfortable.
Day 3-
Oscar's highlight came on Saturday morning when we took the horses for a ride. If we had a picture you would see Oscar and his cousin Hayden being led my Rick on the Horse "Queeny". I was on "Blacky" with Poppy on the front. Grandpa with the baby colt "rascal" (who is very feisty and disobedient) and the Shetland pony in tow. We walked them down to my sister Katrina's house to graze on her field. After a few bumps Poppy had decided she had enough of the horsey ride and wanted dad to carry her.
Oscar had the time of his life and keeps talking about how much he loves "Queeny". The last few days since we have been home he has been wearing Rick's old boots (I'm quite certain that they hurt his feet and are quite uncomfortable) but he wears them none the less.
Well... after a Saturday afternoon of playing in the creek in the back yard, we headed back home. Only to find ourselves at 6:30am with two kids who wont's go back to sleep and two parents who have driven ALL night.
Here we are on Wednesday and we still are in the recovery period of recovering the sleep we lost...Grandma E. I don't know how you go without sleep so often!!!!
There you have it our Idaho trip 2007...maybe sometime I'll get some pics to go along with it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random Delerium...

Last night, on our journey home from Idaho to see my family, I was astonished to find that I could not remember how old I was!!!
Seriously, I remember having this conversation with a friends husband the other day and for some reason I was convinced that I was 28...I dunno why?? I even remember him saying..."I thought on your run register you were listed as 27" which I remember (vaguely) responding that I must have written it down wrong.
Somewhere between New Meadows and Grangeville, while listening to some NPR podcast of Radiowest, having been in the vehicle for 9 hours, I was struck with the realization that I wasn't sure how old I actually am.
Granted, my brain was quite tired, and was a little hypnotized from all of the yellow lines and reflectors...but as I was trying to calculate how old I am, I was having a hard time coming up with the right answer.
So, if I was born November 7, 1979...It is now 2007...then I am____ old?
If I was married when I was 20, three months before turning 21, and I've been married for 7 years then I should be___ old?
To my astonishment, I realized that for some weird reason I have been thinking I am 28 and yet, I'm not 28 until November!
If any of my readers come to a different conclusion...let me know...I'm still a bit delirious and will post a more not-worthy blog on a day when my brain is less tired and more free and clear!
Question...Is this the pre-signs of Alzheimer's????

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Perfect day!

The Girls

"Alternate" Lentil Fest 2007-

As a child I remember my grandpa Dilworth playing the piano. He would play the prettiest music. One of the songs was called "The End of a Perfect Day". It is more of a ballad, soft hearted song, but after reflecting on yesterday, I would have to sum it up as a Perfect day!

We began our "alternate" tour at 7:30 am. (Alternate, meaning that we opted to start at the half- way point an hour before everyone else, catch up with the actual tour, and then stop back in the middle. We also shortened the ride a bit, and didn't pay the entry fees($20 each)). It was a really nice ride. Here are some shots (before my batteries died) of the ride.

Riders in front of me and behind!

I really feel very blessed to have so many great friends to ride with. I don't know why we haven't done this more regularly.

After our ride, we picked the kids up from our new friends house and went home for Poppy's nap. I went and made the purchase of an ipod nano (which I'm really excited about). After an outing to the store and Poppy waking up we went to the pool.

Sadly, yesterday was the last day of the outdoor pool being open. Oscar has been going off the high dive for the last week and I really wanted to get a picture. But as mentioned previously...the battery was dead! Tonight while putting him to bed I asked him what he felt like when he was going off the high dive. His response was "I was scared at first, and then I didn't think anything."

After swimming we rushed home to eat some cold cereal for dinner. Before heading off to the Lumberg's house for some seasonal blackberry picking! We brought the makings for ice cream and after a belly full of berries and playing with friends we topped the night off with some yummy vanilla ice cream we made with some blackberry/lemon ice cream the Lumberg's made, and some yummy lemon-iccee sorbet that the Weiken's made. It was all delicious and we sat outside this beautiful Victorian house (Lumberg's) with a beautiful country setting, stars shining, kids running through the beautiful green grass. It all made for a picturesque kind of day. A day when you have Lived!

I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband, kids and really great friends. Not to mention the pretty part of the country we live in. The wheat is just being harvested and the skies are a pretty blue. Live is good.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kiddie conversation

Overheard conversation between Oscar and his friend Chelsea...

Here Chelsea, I made you a card...this is me, I'm an alien. Look, you are an Alien too. You have a square head!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bumps and Bruises

Lately the Pops has been sporting some nice shiners...She suddenly has entered this really clumsy stage (I'm pretty sure this was inherited by her auntie Meg).

Just this morning, she took a header off the slide (to which I am still pulling out dirt boogers), banged her head on the car door, re-scratched a bug bite (that since Monday has had her eye partially obstructed). These added quite nicely to the prior bruise from pulling her high chair on herself.

All day it seems I hear this shriek of excitement...followed by the cry of pain. She's certainly trying to expand her boundaries... and she isn't even two!!!

She's also developed a healthy appetite! She actually ate almost the entire corn.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Signs you are "in training" for a marathon or other long-range exercise goal:

1. Rug burn in unsightly places (thus finding new uses for butt paste and Vaseline).

2. GU, electrolyte, hydration, fatigue, Ibuprofen, Ice, bands, stretching, water etc... become common conversation topics in social situations.

3. You own more exercise gear than regular clothing, your laundry consists on more athletic gear than regular clothes, and you spend your discretionary play money on running/exercise equipment (i.e. shoes).

4. Black toenails and blisters on your toes...Oscar told me the other day that I had old feet!

5. You are so tired at the end of each day that you vaguely remember hitting the pillow!

6. Suddenly, when running long distances with gas, a full bladder or other bodily behaviors you otherwise would try to contain or hide...your mind no longer cares who or what is around (and when desperate, leaves are a necessary alternative to TP).

7. One develops an intense uncontrollable appetite. Thus, you invent creative meals consisting of various carb-full meals. Such as, the night before your 18 mi. run, a great carb-load dinner can be oatmeal and raspberries!

8. Distance becomes begin to think things's only a 10K or half-marathon.

9. You are always certain to get one annoying song in your head that somehow won't go away. Baby beluga frequents my running routines (this may be because I'm a mom??). The other is annoying songs from high school (why do they surface during exercises?).

10. You plan every vacation around a running, cycling, or athletic event! The fun of it all, is that it gives you something to work for!

Now, because of 5. I will leave you to think of some pillow is calling...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Successful 7 &18!!

Today will go down in "My" history as the first successful 18 mi run! I'm certain that most of you will find this a trivial matter, however for me it is a milestone (no pun intended). The lovely Betina and I awoke bright and early and did a nice out and back course through the country wheat fields. It was a beautiful morning and everything (other than an unexpected potty stop) went really well. Tiring as usual, but very nice.
Betina is a great running partner...not only do we keep a good pace together, but we can dive into the meaty important topics of motherhood.

Recently I read an article about a psychiatrist who gives his patients a discount if he can meet with them for counsel, while they run! He said it is a very therapeutic method.
I concurr...can you imagine how great the world would be if everyone took their problems to the pavement? I think biking has a similar effect for those with poor knees...
More important than even a successful 18mi will go down in history as Ricky and My seventh anniversary!! For seven years I have been blessed with the companionship of my favorite guy! He truly pushes me to greater heights and together...I think we make a great team! He is a great father, husband and training partner (even if he runs loops around me).
I often think of my many blessings (some of which will be posted tomorrow) but I really think the greatest blessing I could have, is a really loving supportive husband who really makes this world a better place!
Who knew that in seven years we could accomplish so much???? Here's to many more years of marital bliss!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lazy Summer Sampler...

Week two post Marathon...I also had all of my spinning classes canceled for the week. I spent the majority of the week taking a break from real exercise. Yesterday I did do a 10mi run and it felt great! I'm grateful for the nice week-long break.
It was kinda nice not having any schedule to stick to. We spent a bunch of time at home catching up on stuff and hanging out. Here are some tidbits of our week...

Double Dive from the Ricky and Lil'O...A certain sign of summer is spending every evening (or most) at the pool. We look forward to meeting dad there after work.
Oscar and I also went "school shopping" for the first time. I'm sad to see my little boy growing up! He is such a great kid. I"m sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that every piece of clothing he chose was of "hero" variety...I let him choose, which is also a big step (for both of us)!
Big Girl panties!! Potty training Pops...going quite well, she is very interested and stays fairly dry...She also lost all of her Binky's this week. So we have decided not to purchase any more...we are therefore Binky-free (it has been hard on her going to sleep, but tonight she only cried for 1/2 hr rather than 2). I'm not sure I like making these big growing-up steps all at once...she's now no longer a baby!
Spending some time at the river with friends...Poppy actually even did quite well missing her nap. Oscar not pictured due to his exploration along the beach and too busy for me to take a pic!
Ummmmm.....fresh home-made-hand-cranked ice cream! Ricky scored a vintage hand churn ice cream maker on eBay for $30. Tonight was the trial run using Autie Em's tasty recipe.
I'm certain this is the first of many more ice cream making days to come...hopefully my waist doesn't expand with our new addition!

Ice cream recipe...
3 Cup Cream
1 Cup Milk
3 Egg Yolks
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
Vanilla (to taste)
Heat cream and milk until scalding. Beat sugar into yolks. Pour scalding milk into yolks while beating. Add some vanilla (1 tsp-ish) cool.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Delights

Can you see the likeness of my fresh apricot-ginger jam and the bucket full of Poppy? They both are an abundance of bottled up sweet/spicy goodness. Speaking of which...I decided to start potty training yesterday...after 10 pairs of undies and a "edge" of frustration, we have morphed into the half-potty trained girl who is currently wearing a pull-up and occasionally will sit on the potty.
Who was I kidding when I thought the "girl"-potty training would go easier than the previous "boy" experience...She is about 6 months earlier than him though. I should also note that she has perfected the art of potty training her two dolls. They now occupy the potty more than she does!
Cut up a variety of different fruit (the more the better). Like a huge fruit salad.
Add enough raw regular oats (no quick-cooking) to the fruit to lightly coat the fruit. (you can add more later if you choose.
Next take a container of Yogurt (any kind but plain) and add until the fruit and oats are well moistened and a goulash looking blend.
For an added tasty goodness we add a little bit of cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg.
Let it sit for 1/2 hour (if you can wait that long) for the oats to soften, and eat!
My kids love the stuff and the leftovers make a great breakfast!
As a child this was the epitome of a summer time dinner. My Mom who is a Swiss miss, used to make this tasty treat on the hot summer days, when you want something more than Popsicles for dinner, but no cooking.
The original recipe looks something like this. My Aunt Sylvia (Mom's sister) had Tuberculosis as a child and was sent to a sanatorium. While there, this is a meal they would frequently feed the patients. If you look at the link I posted, it gives the original recipe (made with milk, cream and honey) and they give a little history to the recipe. I however have modified it slightly and made it into an even simpler summer treat!