Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Visit Re-cap

Last Wednesday we ventured to the South-Eastern side of Idaho to see my family. We drove all night Wednesday to arrive Thursday morning. Upon venturing out on our first activity I realized that I forgot the battery camera at home left in the charger...
Therefore, here is the re-cap of the trip...Picture-less unless the Auntie Rosa or Uncle Don send me some...
Day one-
We took the Western tour of the Oregon trail center and Aunt Katrina set us up with a dutch-oven dinner placed inside a covered wagon while we were serenaded by a quintuplet of siblings who were really quite talented.
After touring the Museum and exploring the world of the pioneers...we were off to go fishing with Grandma and Gramps...We went to the pretty Bloomington Lake and spent the afternoon in the pretty mountains catching some fish...that is Oscar and Rick got 2, the first of which we threw back. Too bad I don't have the pretty picture of the catch!
We were then off back to grandma and grandpa D's for some marshmallows on the fire in their back yard.
Day 2-
Friday Morning 5am...
Getting in the 20 mi run. Lucky for me My Daddy D accompanied me on the journey on his bike. It truly was my highlight of the trip! Spending three hours with my dad in the early morning hours, seeing the sun come up and seeing the pretty farm roads, a few pretty lamama with their cute little baby. Truly we had a great time pounding out those miles. Later int he day we dropped off Rickster in Montpelier to run his 20miler to meet us at Bear Lake.
Friday afternoon we spent hanging out at Bear Lake. Rick actually ran 22.5 miles in the heat of the day. Followed by his playful fun times in the lake with all the kids.
My best friend from High School Angie came to see me with her hubby and kids. It was really fun to get to see her. She and I were inseparable in high school...time keeps us apart and yet we get together and just pick up where we left off.
I think we had a great time...Poppy stealing the other kids food and toys...Oscar in his element with water sand and other kids. WE really had a good time...
Smiley however wasn't so lucky...unbeknown to us he was not allowed to step foot on the beach. Therefore I left the back of the van open with him tied to the seat...he could see all of the fun but not participate.
When we were ready to leave the van battery was dead (I know common theme). Luckily the beach police had a charge pack thing that did the trick to get us back on the road.
At the end of the day my sweet Sis Katrina made us a tasty vegetarian dinner. I'm really grateful for all of the work that my family went to to make our stay comfortable.
Day 3-
Oscar's highlight came on Saturday morning when we took the horses for a ride. If we had a picture you would see Oscar and his cousin Hayden being led my Rick on the Horse "Queeny". I was on "Blacky" with Poppy on the front. Grandpa with the baby colt "rascal" (who is very feisty and disobedient) and the Shetland pony in tow. We walked them down to my sister Katrina's house to graze on her field. After a few bumps Poppy had decided she had enough of the horsey ride and wanted dad to carry her.
Oscar had the time of his life and keeps talking about how much he loves "Queeny". The last few days since we have been home he has been wearing Rick's old boots (I'm quite certain that they hurt his feet and are quite uncomfortable) but he wears them none the less.
Well... after a Saturday afternoon of playing in the creek in the back yard, we headed back home. Only to find ourselves at 6:30am with two kids who wont's go back to sleep and two parents who have driven ALL night.
Here we are on Wednesday and we still are in the recovery period of recovering the sleep we lost...Grandma E. I don't know how you go without sleep so often!!!!
There you have it our Idaho trip 2007...maybe sometime I'll get some pics to go along with it!

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Jen said...

it sounds like you guys had a great trip! i think you're brave to travel all at night. i'm too chicken of the deer and i fear i am too sleep-needy to be able to stay up!