Friday, August 31, 2007

My not-so-little O'

All smiles...look grandma I'm even wearing my tie-dyed shirt we made!
Here's "Mrs. B"(is it just me or does she look a little apprehensive too?) Not really...just a bad shot! She really seems like a great teacher! Very enthusiastic and the kids love her!
Off he goes to the world of learning...(notice how reverently he is walking...)

We have arrived...Ricky and I have officially entered the world of school, from the parents perspective! Today, as I dropped my Lil'O off at the school he was all smiles and excited for his new school adventures.
Tuesday, we had the teacher open house where we were able to meet "Mrs. B" for the first time. He was shy, apprehensive and overall, a little not sure what to think. That night for bed time prayers he prayed that he wouldn't be shy like he was today.
Wednesday, we had the Mom-Oscar school orientation day. After getting into class and seeing the surroundings he was all smiles and was no longer shy.
Today, was the REAL first day of school...right now he is sitting in class, no doubt loving every minute. Oh, the memories...

**Update** While walking home from school I asked O' what he learned about today...
O'- "We have lots of rules and some important stuff."
Me-"Oh, what types of important stuff?"
O'- "I don't really remember...but it's important."
After this lovely conversation he found a piece of concrete and said "Mom look, I think it is an asteroid!"
Me- Wow, that is really cool maybe we can show dad...
Few steps later..."Wow, Mom look I found another asteroid that is burned"( a piece of concrete that is black on one side).
I'm grateful that although he is in "school", he is is still very much interested in the little simple things of the world...this is going to be a great year.


Traci said...

Welcome to Schoolhood! It is a whole other world!!! Enjoy it! Can't believe how fast the times goes before they go to school.

mama rhodes said...

I really can believe Oscar is ready for school, but I can't believe I'll ever see Micah off on his first day.

Abby Norman said...

Oscar can't be that old!
Oh, my...
So I get to see this slightly from Rick's perspective.

I just realized that the years' difference between Rick and I are the same as Me and Oscar. I can't believe Rick was this old when I started going to school! It's very strange to think about.
(It's thirteen years age-difference, by the way...)

mummy said...

go get em big O!

Jen said...

this makes me cringe! i was on the bus with k and passed the elementary school and realized that day is coming for him in a couple of years. i will cry for sure.
oscar looks so excited!!! i love his comments- kids are so funny. :)