Thursday, November 20, 2008

Check lists...

For the past few weeks there has been a lot on my pregnancy mind...It seems that there is a checklist of sorts running continuously day and night. In fact I seem to begin a project just to get sidetracked on another one. I'm in this continual cycle of incompleted tasks. I heard that I should be taking more omega-3's, so that is what I'm doing.
In fact these unfinsihed tasks seem to keep me in this shallow-sleeping cycle, and it is quite the nuisance. Last night however, after numerous nights of not good sleep, I opted to take half of a Unisome pill.
This morning I felt great, rejuvenated and ready to go. I'm not sure if it was the sleeping pill or the realization that I have now crossed off a ton of stuff from my to-do-before-we-leave-for- Thanksgiving checklist.
Here is a little synopsis of what has been keeping me up and what has been completed...also included is the list of the things left to do.
-Craft day...a big fat check, aside from the few projects I'm still working on from it that will also be gifts taht i'm giving. Yes, these still need to be sompleted but I'm 3/4 of the way there.
-Othodontist appointment -missed the appointment due to a scheduleing prego-brain-loss episode. But today I spoke to him on a phone consultation and can now give it a Check!
-Finishing Christmas gifts: for both families, in an effort to avoid having to mail the mass packages. This is stilll incomplete but hopefully by tomorrow will be a check.
-Giving tree: each year teh Relief Scociety heads up our ward Giving tree that collects presents for the children in need within our ward. This fell under my responsibilites and so I have successfully matched up 43 kids to 43 donors and have sent off the gift tags and instructions to each of the donors....this was a biggie but I can now say is a check!
-Stopping the mail and newspaper for our trip...not so big yet, is finally finished as of this morning!
-Finish baking the goodies for our trip and the goodies for the grandparents...not quite finished but I wanted them to be fresh and not devoured beofre the trip.
-Clean the house and do laundry I won't completly say check but I have made progress...although I seem to get side tracked each time I get into the cleaning zone.
-Find people to feed animals while gone: check!
-Depositing all of the checks from the craft day (seems simple but yet so complicated) and help the few ladies who came over today to finish thier projects. Check!
-Recieving a refund check from the librabry for a book that has been missing for the past 6 months that I was certain was NOT in the confines of my home...yes, htis means that they found the book within the library and it wasn't lost at my house afterall!!!! This means taht all of those deep-cleaning-book-seaking-house degrunging was for nothing...they had the book all along! Check!
-Hair cut for me and Poppy. Check!
-Oh, yeah Blog...rememebr to keep posting. Simple yet, gets put off.
Well, that is some of the stuff...tucked in around the everyday other stuff. I'm glad to see so much of it being finished and grateful that I had a good nights sleep.

Sorry to bombard you with my daily checklist (if you can call it that since I'm not particularly a check-list oreiented person, like some people I know).
You can now go back to completing yours!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The good stuff...

(Fuzzy, but fun photo)
Poppy was snuggling on my lap this evening right before bed time and suddenly she said
"Mom you wiggle me!"
She was referring to the little one inside of me, that was kicking her in the belly. Her eyes got really big and she was so excited.
Oscar on the other hand has been trying to feel it and hasn't been so lucky. Maybe he needs to snuggle a bit more so that he will get it at the right time rather than always rubbing my belly post-kick.

On other news of interest...Oscar lost his second tooth tonight. He is now a missing both of his lower front teeth. He actually pulled this one out on his own. Well, he actually just kept waiting until it was holding on by a tiny thread and just happened to fall out while he was playing with it...gross.
After losing his tooth he says "Dad don't I seem to loose a tooth every Sunday?"
Rick's response was " You have only lost two teeth?"
Oscar "Yeah, but they were both on a Sunday!"
Oh, and he loves to respond to the tooth fairy as..."I know it is you mom!"

Today they played really well together. I love it when they can loose themselves in imagination world and really have a good time. They even spent quite a bit of time doing sneaky service and leaving a little paper heart that he got from primary in the place he did the service.
They thought they were being soooo sneaky. In fact they went into my bedroom and shut the door and I was thinking they were goign to get into mischief, when low and behold they had tidied up the bed and picked up some things. It was so sweet...I felt a little bad for telling them not to shut the door or to not play in my room.

All day today I was filled with a great sense of joy in having such a great family. And truthfully it may be that the R.S. Craft day was yesterday and I could finally not worry about it any longer...ahh, the nice feeling of having it over with.

Tonight I will sleep well...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning Poppy and I embarked on a Dr. Appointment packed morning. We first hit the Ob office for the monthly exam...all things looking good. I do love that one of my Dr.'s is female and that she has had two children and totally gets the "I feel like my body is being taken over" feeling. She encouraged me to do the half marathon, and is ever encouraging for me to be able to act as "normal" as possible (within reason).
Fair warning...i am shortly going to sound like a shallow, whine baby that needs to find a good hobby, but still, for posterity sake I'm going to say it.
One of the big challenges with pregnancy for me is the whole body image/expansion process that suddenly is out of my control. I fully understand the purpose, reason, design for the whole process (at least most of it) but yet, feel like a beached whale. I hold up a shirt that says "small" or "medium" in the maternity world of clothing, and it still looks like a tent. Not only that, but it still feels like a tent. There is little comfort in knowing that there are larger sizes that are still too big, because I know all too well that here in month or two, that is exactly what I will be wearing.
Some days I find it humorous, but most I find it discouraging.
So, with this "woe is me" unload I will note that my particularly wonderful Dr. just happened to tell me that I was Petite ( a word that has long been lost in my vocabulary)...she didn't have to say it, and I'm sure she was just being ever-so kind, but really it was so delightful to hear. She made my day.

Now that I am done whining, I will continue to say that Poppy was a dream girl through all of the visits today. She got to squeeze the jelly onto my belly to hear the baby's heart beat and she didn't throw even one tantrum!

In fact, it was a lot of fun to have her with me. I don't know the last time that we have had multiple errands to run that she didn't hit melt down at some point.

The eye exam went well and for all of her good behavior the Dr. offices gave her some candy, a sticker, and a pencil.

It was a good morning!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today I just want to say a big Thank you to all of those Vets out there who have sacrificed so much for me.
This is my Brother-in-Law Ben...Went to Iraq three times.
I'm sure I haven't told him or many veterans thanks enough...Thanks You!!! I'm sad to say that it took a day of remembrance for me to say it. But that isn't to say that I don't think it quite often.
Tonight I Oscar and I worked on some homework about what service men we are related to. It was fun to look back and to see the service men, past and present who have served in our families. This includes my Grandpa Oertli who was a Swiss army member during WW2.
Oscar loved hearing about who they are/were and what branch of service they were in.
Happy Veteran's Day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Mic Delight

Happy birthday to me! I had a great birthday full of fun, friends, and a new stockpot!
My New Stock pot!!! Whooo hooo! Just what I was hoping for.
Ricky organized a night out to one of our favorite places...The Green Frog. Little did we know that it was Open Mic night and packed completely full of people. Lucky for us they made room for us.
It could be that two of us were quite noticeably prego and they decided they couldn't turn us and our kiddies away. (FYI-These pictures are all out of order ...oh well more to come on the green frog in a minute!)
Poppy and I spent the day together and we had some tasty smoothies for lunch that went along great with the yummy orange cake my great Neighbor Reem brought over for me.
The night before my birthday, Daddy and kids took over the kitchen to prepare for my birthday. Poppy decided she wanted some chapstick...lovely!!
It was a rainy morning and poppy decided I should try on her Rain hat.
Here is the photo of the packed green frog...notice the amount of children you see...none!
Betina took the opportunity to measure my head for my up-coming birthday present of a hat. She even let me choose the colors!
Ricky made me some delicious cheese cake brownies, topped with chocolate leaves (he and the kids had made earlier in the week) and brought it with us to the green frog. It was delicious!
Here is the little cubby where they made room for us. They brought in their outdoor tables and were incredibly accommodating. It was so fun to be stuffed in a corner with some tasty food and some pretty good music in the background.
Rick really made my birthday great! What a great guy!!
Oh, and thanks to my great family/friends who gave me a stash of chocolate for my underwear will go to good use. Also a huge thanks to Merilee who every year makes it a special point to show up on my doorstep with a wonderful gift and a warm smile. How you manage to mother the world I'll never know...but Thanks for making my day bright!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Due to an untimely dropping of the camera, we are Halloween picture free. NO need to fear they did wear costumes and were incredibly cute. Especially when we went to Oscar's class for his party. Poppy( a beautiful butterfly) and Oscar( a Spy) were so cute cuddled together on the reading carpet at school. A kind mother took a picture of them but I have no idea who she was or where to get the photo.
We had a wonderful Halloween full of candy, friends (thanks to Betina for having us at thier halloween party), and a spooky goodness!

This however is a pitcure of us the day before Halloween, on a hike withour friends. Kamiak butte is gorgeous this time of year. We had a nice time in the wonderfully warm fall weather.

Rock Your Vote My Friends!

"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."-Benjamin Franklin

Rainy/Wet Day

Ready for rain? How about the snow? Yes, my friends we had a slaty-snow mix this morning.
No need to fear. Poppy was ready!

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