Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Mic Delight

Happy birthday to me! I had a great birthday full of fun, friends, and a new stockpot!
My New Stock pot!!! Whooo hooo! Just what I was hoping for.
Ricky organized a night out to one of our favorite places...The Green Frog. Little did we know that it was Open Mic night and packed completely full of people. Lucky for us they made room for us.
It could be that two of us were quite noticeably prego and they decided they couldn't turn us and our kiddies away. (FYI-These pictures are all out of order ...oh well more to come on the green frog in a minute!)
Poppy and I spent the day together and we had some tasty smoothies for lunch that went along great with the yummy orange cake my great Neighbor Reem brought over for me.
The night before my birthday, Daddy and kids took over the kitchen to prepare for my birthday. Poppy decided she wanted some chapstick...lovely!!
It was a rainy morning and poppy decided I should try on her Rain hat.
Here is the photo of the packed green frog...notice the amount of children you see...none!
Betina took the opportunity to measure my head for my up-coming birthday present of a hat. She even let me choose the colors!
Ricky made me some delicious cheese cake brownies, topped with chocolate leaves (he and the kids had made earlier in the week) and brought it with us to the green frog. It was delicious!
Here is the little cubby where they made room for us. They brought in their outdoor tables and were incredibly accommodating. It was so fun to be stuffed in a corner with some tasty food and some pretty good music in the background.
Rick really made my birthday great! What a great guy!!
Oh, and thanks to my great family/friends who gave me a stash of chocolate for my underwear will go to good use. Also a huge thanks to Merilee who every year makes it a special point to show up on my doorstep with a wonderful gift and a warm smile. How you manage to mother the world I'll never know...but Thanks for making my day bright!


Kristen Woffinden said...

Yay! Happy birthday to you, Collette! I'm sorry I missed you. I hope it was great!

Maren said...

What a fun day. Where is this place at? It looks fun. I am glad you were able to celebrate such a great day!

Suzie-Q said...

yeah where is the "grreb frog" it sounds pretty cool!
Happy Birthday!! I am so glad that you had a great day!

Traci said...

Happy belated Birthday! Looked like a great time! I want to visit that resturant! What a fun place!
I adore your blog background too!

mama rhodes said...

They let you bring your own desert to the joint? I want to go--especially if you are in charge.

jw said...

Happy Day Colletty! Sad to have missed the party. (and those treats:) I ate some chocolate in your honor.
Thanks for letting me help celebrate!
See you all soon - yeah!!

Lisa B. said...

happy birthday Letti!!I love you so much. you are such a cheerful person and so caring. looks like you had a great birthday.

mummy said...

Neighbor Emily's rain hat has been around the block a time or two!