Thursday, November 20, 2008

Check lists...

For the past few weeks there has been a lot on my pregnancy mind...It seems that there is a checklist of sorts running continuously day and night. In fact I seem to begin a project just to get sidetracked on another one. I'm in this continual cycle of incompleted tasks. I heard that I should be taking more omega-3's, so that is what I'm doing.
In fact these unfinsihed tasks seem to keep me in this shallow-sleeping cycle, and it is quite the nuisance. Last night however, after numerous nights of not good sleep, I opted to take half of a Unisome pill.
This morning I felt great, rejuvenated and ready to go. I'm not sure if it was the sleeping pill or the realization that I have now crossed off a ton of stuff from my to-do-before-we-leave-for- Thanksgiving checklist.
Here is a little synopsis of what has been keeping me up and what has been completed...also included is the list of the things left to do.
-Craft day...a big fat check, aside from the few projects I'm still working on from it that will also be gifts taht i'm giving. Yes, these still need to be sompleted but I'm 3/4 of the way there.
-Othodontist appointment -missed the appointment due to a scheduleing prego-brain-loss episode. But today I spoke to him on a phone consultation and can now give it a Check!
-Finishing Christmas gifts: for both families, in an effort to avoid having to mail the mass packages. This is stilll incomplete but hopefully by tomorrow will be a check.
-Giving tree: each year teh Relief Scociety heads up our ward Giving tree that collects presents for the children in need within our ward. This fell under my responsibilites and so I have successfully matched up 43 kids to 43 donors and have sent off the gift tags and instructions to each of the donors....this was a biggie but I can now say is a check!
-Stopping the mail and newspaper for our trip...not so big yet, is finally finished as of this morning!
-Finish baking the goodies for our trip and the goodies for the grandparents...not quite finished but I wanted them to be fresh and not devoured beofre the trip.
-Clean the house and do laundry I won't completly say check but I have made progress...although I seem to get side tracked each time I get into the cleaning zone.
-Find people to feed animals while gone: check!
-Depositing all of the checks from the craft day (seems simple but yet so complicated) and help the few ladies who came over today to finish thier projects. Check!
-Recieving a refund check from the librabry for a book that has been missing for the past 6 months that I was certain was NOT in the confines of my home...yes, htis means that they found the book within the library and it wasn't lost at my house afterall!!!! This means taht all of those deep-cleaning-book-seaking-house degrunging was for nothing...they had the book all along! Check!
-Hair cut for me and Poppy. Check!
-Oh, yeah Blog...rememebr to keep posting. Simple yet, gets put off.
Well, that is some of the stuff...tucked in around the everyday other stuff. I'm glad to see so much of it being finished and grateful that I had a good nights sleep.

Sorry to bombard you with my daily checklist (if you can call it that since I'm not particularly a check-list oreiented person, like some people I know).
You can now go back to completing yours!


Betina said...

You Rock! Nothing like a big long 'to'do list with a check beside each item to get some good endorphines going through your system.

I can't believe how much you are doing for your calling. Good job Letty! Have a great Thg. holiday. Let's get together in December.

mummy said...

You know what not getting enough sleep will do to a guy? Yup-the old brain cloud!