Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning Poppy and I embarked on a Dr. Appointment packed morning. We first hit the Ob office for the monthly exam...all things looking good. I do love that one of my Dr.'s is female and that she has had two children and totally gets the "I feel like my body is being taken over" feeling. She encouraged me to do the half marathon, and is ever encouraging for me to be able to act as "normal" as possible (within reason).
Fair warning...i am shortly going to sound like a shallow, whine baby that needs to find a good hobby, but still, for posterity sake I'm going to say it.
One of the big challenges with pregnancy for me is the whole body image/expansion process that suddenly is out of my control. I fully understand the purpose, reason, design for the whole process (at least most of it) but yet, feel like a beached whale. I hold up a shirt that says "small" or "medium" in the maternity world of clothing, and it still looks like a tent. Not only that, but it still feels like a tent. There is little comfort in knowing that there are larger sizes that are still too big, because I know all too well that here in month or two, that is exactly what I will be wearing.
Some days I find it humorous, but most I find it discouraging.
So, with this "woe is me" unload I will note that my particularly wonderful Dr. just happened to tell me that I was Petite ( a word that has long been lost in my vocabulary)...she didn't have to say it, and I'm sure she was just being ever-so kind, but really it was so delightful to hear. She made my day.

Now that I am done whining, I will continue to say that Poppy was a dream girl through all of the visits today. She got to squeeze the jelly onto my belly to hear the baby's heart beat and she didn't throw even one tantrum!

In fact, it was a lot of fun to have her with me. I don't know the last time that we have had multiple errands to run that she didn't hit melt down at some point.

The eye exam went well and for all of her good behavior the Dr. offices gave her some candy, a sticker, and a pencil.

It was a good morning!


Suzie-Q said...

I remeber taking Caleb with me to one of My appiontments and the first time he got hear the heart beat. It was cool to see the look of amazment on his face. He then told me I had a cho-cho train in my tummy.

Maren said...

I am glad you had a nice day with Poppy. You really do look amazing. I would definately agree with the doctor that you petite. Just know that the days you are feeling pretty crummy, you are an inspiration to others.

Rachel said...

Oh Collette, I was just thinking on Sunday how good you looked and practically not pregnant unless one gets a side view. And even then you just look like you shoved a smallish pillow up your dress, just for kicks, and then forgot to take it out.

ash said...

You look amazing. Petite is a great word to describe you. And I really think you have the cutest little baby bump.

mummy said...

Hey, Enjoy! You only get to do this a few times in a life!

mama rhodes said...

With pregnancy I hated this conversation. Stranger "wow, how far along are you?" me "8 months." "Wow, you aren't that big at all!" I swore I'd never make that type of comment to a pregnant woman.

Only to say it to a lady when Micah was four weeks old.

Jen said...

collette, i can't imagine you looking anything but cute and tiny as a pregnant woman. the discomfort is temporary- and believe me, people would LOVE to look like you pregnant! :)
how cute that poppy went with you and got to hear the baby. :)