Sunday, November 16, 2008

The good stuff...

(Fuzzy, but fun photo)
Poppy was snuggling on my lap this evening right before bed time and suddenly she said
"Mom you wiggle me!"
She was referring to the little one inside of me, that was kicking her in the belly. Her eyes got really big and she was so excited.
Oscar on the other hand has been trying to feel it and hasn't been so lucky. Maybe he needs to snuggle a bit more so that he will get it at the right time rather than always rubbing my belly post-kick.

On other news of interest...Oscar lost his second tooth tonight. He is now a missing both of his lower front teeth. He actually pulled this one out on his own. Well, he actually just kept waiting until it was holding on by a tiny thread and just happened to fall out while he was playing with it...gross.
After losing his tooth he says "Dad don't I seem to loose a tooth every Sunday?"
Rick's response was " You have only lost two teeth?"
Oscar "Yeah, but they were both on a Sunday!"
Oh, and he loves to respond to the tooth fairy as..."I know it is you mom!"

Today they played really well together. I love it when they can loose themselves in imagination world and really have a good time. They even spent quite a bit of time doing sneaky service and leaving a little paper heart that he got from primary in the place he did the service.
They thought they were being soooo sneaky. In fact they went into my bedroom and shut the door and I was thinking they were goign to get into mischief, when low and behold they had tidied up the bed and picked up some things. It was so sweet...I felt a little bad for telling them not to shut the door or to not play in my room.

All day today I was filled with a great sense of joy in having such a great family. And truthfully it may be that the R.S. Craft day was yesterday and I could finally not worry about it any longer...ahh, the nice feeling of having it over with.

Tonight I will sleep well...


Suzie-Q said...

Oscar had better watch out for next Sunday he may just lose another tooth!
I thought craft day went really well. I know that you had to do more work then I did but I thougth you did a great job!
thanks for all the help that you gave me.
Sleep Well!

Nedge said...

I hated the fact mom and dad always knew what I was up to when I tried to be sneaky.
Once I had to wrap up mom's birthday present (Forrest Gump soundtrack).
Without opening it, she guessed exactly what it was! I was so sad! No surprises for moms, I guess.

mummy said...

Always the very best feeling after a big long thought of project for church-the planning and what ifs, the very best feeling is when it is all over especially if you've done the best job you can do.

Tanner's Tales said...

Tonight is our last enrichment for the year-probably till March! Yeah for tomorrow!

Jen said...

isn't it nice when things that took a lot of prep are finally done?! :)
i love the story of poppy and the baby! when are you due, by the way? you have the cutest kids- another little edge will be adorable! :)