Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hazel update...

First camping trip

She slept like the baby she is...only one night feeding and keeping with the other Edge babies, she slept great in the tent. I think our kids like to all be snuggled up in the same place. To be honest, I don't mind it too much either. Too bad it is so uncomfortable to sleep on ground or maybe we would do it on a permanent basis.

Caught!!! This baby girl keeps finding that thumb and seems to know just what to do with it. I'm not exactly encouraging it, but then, it is pretty cute how she wraps that finger around her nose.

Human Chia-Pet
She is totally this human chia-pet. Her hair is all coming in at the same time and almost all of the longer stuff fell out. People keep asking me if I buzzed her hair...nope, just a little fuzz head. I have to admit that it is PRIME binking real estate.
Ahhh...warms my soul when I see my littles all together. They even tolerated mildly letting me take thier pictures. Hazel seems to like her big sibling too.
And as you can imagine Poppy can't help but love and snuggle and maul the babe.
Little Hazel girl is such a dream baby to have around. She just goes with teh flow and tolerates all sorts of situations. Seriously, I suppose like most parents, our family just wouldn't be right without her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mom my face hurts...

That was how Poppy greeted me this morning at 6:30 am. Because I was still in bed, without glasses, it took me a minute to figure out that indeed her face was all swollen and red.
Later she would tell me "My face feels crunchy"...
After a little dose of Benadryll not doing the trick, and little blisters beginning to beginning to form, we made a trip to the Doctor's office. He said it looked like she had touched something and then her face, multiple times, and her skin was reacting to it. He prescribed some steroid cream and tonight her face is looking much better...but still a bit crunchy.
We are still trying to figure out what she touched...probably a plant in our yard. I guess we will just see if it happens again.
Poor pop's she looked so sad all day. She was however a sweet girl all day and we even went out for ice cream and dance class...what a trooper. I'm still a bit shocked that the Benadryll didn't knock her out...

Oscar Birthday swap

By Request the Volcano cake was back....Oscar has been asking me to make the cake for the past year. The last time I made it was two years ago. The morning I was getting it ready for his class party, he said "I think it was bigger last time"...last time I didn't' quite have it figured out and i ended up making two cakes and piling it up with a bunch of frosting and put a cup in the top for the dry ice. This time I totally had it engineered so that I used a spring form pan, a metal bowl and a ramekin cooked upside down in the top so that it all came together much better. I didn't factor in that Oscar would be missing the chaos factor of the previous cake.
He still loved it and I think his class though tit was pretty awesome too.

This Past weekend we went to Spokane for a birthday swap. Oscar wanted to go camping for his birthday and Ricky had a marathon to run last Saturday. We therefore decided we would do a birthday swap. Rick's birthday is this weekend so we swapped daddy's marathon for his birthday and tomorrow we will head to The trail of the Coure de' lanes fora little camp out/mother's day ride for Oscar's.
They spent some time decorating the road where daddy was soon to run past...
Had a couple doses of Ben and Gerry's super yummy ice cream...A carousel ride...
And Oscar still got his birthday climb on the REI climbing wall. He had hoped to make it to the very top, but made it to the first bell instead. I suppose it leaves him room to grow for next year.
As I mentioned before, we got bumped to a mucher nicer hotel than what we are accustomed to. Not that I mind a nice hotel, I just like it better when there is more bed space for our family. Oscar and poppy ended up like this in the morning. Oscar slept in the "crack" of the beds. We pulled the roll-in bed next to the king sized bed and he decided he would sleep in the crack. By morning he was turned horizontal.

I'm thinking this must be Mr. Davenport himself...Oscar thought he would check out the morning paper with him as we waited for the valet to bring our car around.
Overall it was a great weekend and as always it was fun to cheer on our super dad...nicework Ricky!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My boy turned 7...

I'm still processing the idea of it...Man he is/was such a cute boy!!!! I planned to blog pictures of his seven years and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. Soon to come will be O' pics and pics of our birthday weekend festivities...
Note on said festivities...Being bumped from your hotel of choice (that would have included TWO queen sized beds and a baby bed, with park yourself and load your own bags which totally feels comfortable to our family of five) a fancy-shmansy hotel with obligated valet' parking (where you have to call to get your car each time you want to leave the hotel) ONE king sized bed, a roll away bed and baby crib, no bathtub, just a fancy shower and super nice furnishings isn't exactly my idea of a good trade.
I'm pretty sure they didn't intend those fancy drinking glasses to be used as lucky charm cereal bowls...
I say give me the familiest friendly hotel, with a family friendly pool, continental breakfast, comfy beds that are nice a clean (preferably TWO queen sized beds), with the easiest convience of getting in and out as quickly as possible my idea of a good me crazy!
Maybe if I were on a getaway with the hubby it would be a nice exchange ...but when all we have packed is runningshoes/casual attire (meaning shorts and tee shirts) and multiple children to find a cozy, yet not too close sleeping quarters...fancy shmansy is not my idea of comfortable. Especially when it is my child who decided to run down the hallway yelling and laughing...
Oh well...I'm sure the bellboys had a good laugh.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Light of Mother's Day...

Grandma Dilworth (my mommy and Hazel)

I love to see the grandma's holding my babies...something about how the cycle of life continues on. I'm continually reminded that the most influence i will be able to have in this life will be to the children I raise. I truly hope I don't break them!!!!
I love this picture of Ricky's seems like it is taken at about the same phase of thier life as where We are right now. Oncea gain that cycle of parenting...

Oscar's school play was today and it was great to see such a fun little fairy tale theater. He was one of the woodsmen who save Little red Riding hood and the grandmother. The best part was when Little Red and the grandmother went to give him a hug...he turned away. It was great!

O-Man with the flowerpot he decorated for me in school...
Two months old! I love the fuzzy hair that is all coming in buzz style.
Poppy has taken to the big sister role quite naturally. Poppy is a natural leader. I'm beginning to learn that I have to work with each of my kids individually...she is one I'm still trying to figure out. Her drive for life and enthusiasm is great. I really love her sparkly fun personality.
Great Grandma Dilworth...the woman who taught me to draw and love the scriptures, among other things...
To all of our mommies and grand mommies, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! thank you for all that you have done for us!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ladies odometer read 40.5 miles at the end of the ride...
All I can say is that these ladies were tough!!! Seriously we had a head wind for 3/4 of the ride. That is we only got a small break at the half way point before a storm blew in and made us push the rest of the way home!! It was a nice intro back into real life.
The Hazel girl slept the ENTIRE ride!! from eatign at 8:15am she slept until 1:30 pm. It was awesome!!! This bodes well for the up-comming mother's day ride.
Ashely, Maren, Me (Hazel), Betina(Georgia), Kristin...Sadly not pictured was Camille who met us a couple of miles down the trail. She was the one who kept reminding us that the wind resistance was "more calories ladies!".
Poppy is fitting well into the middle child...slightly neglected and self sufficient. I know this role well being that I'm #six of eleven. I do love how handy she is. Always so resourceful. Lov'in the outfits!
We also made a visit to Oscar's class so they could all meet Miss Hazel. It was a great day!