Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oscar Birthday swap

By Request the Volcano cake was back....Oscar has been asking me to make the cake for the past year. The last time I made it was two years ago. The morning I was getting it ready for his class party, he said "I think it was bigger last time"...last time I didn't' quite have it figured out and i ended up making two cakes and piling it up with a bunch of frosting and put a cup in the top for the dry ice. This time I totally had it engineered so that I used a spring form pan, a metal bowl and a ramekin cooked upside down in the top so that it all came together much better. I didn't factor in that Oscar would be missing the chaos factor of the previous cake.
He still loved it and I think his class though tit was pretty awesome too.

This Past weekend we went to Spokane for a birthday swap. Oscar wanted to go camping for his birthday and Ricky had a marathon to run last Saturday. We therefore decided we would do a birthday swap. Rick's birthday is this weekend so we swapped daddy's marathon for his birthday and tomorrow we will head to The trail of the Coure de' lanes fora little camp out/mother's day ride for Oscar's.
They spent some time decorating the road where daddy was soon to run past...
Had a couple doses of Ben and Gerry's super yummy ice cream...A carousel ride...
And Oscar still got his birthday climb on the REI climbing wall. He had hoped to make it to the very top, but made it to the first bell instead. I suppose it leaves him room to grow for next year.
As I mentioned before, we got bumped to a mucher nicer hotel than what we are accustomed to. Not that I mind a nice hotel, I just like it better when there is more bed space for our family. Oscar and poppy ended up like this in the morning. Oscar slept in the "crack" of the beds. We pulled the roll-in bed next to the king sized bed and he decided he would sleep in the crack. By morning he was turned horizontal.

I'm thinking this must be Mr. Davenport himself...Oscar thought he would check out the morning paper with him as we waited for the valet to bring our car around.
Overall it was a great weekend and as always it was fun to cheer on our super dad...nicework Ricky!


Jen said...

ah!!! i forgot about rick's marathon! how did it go?!?! and how great you were able to birthday swap!

did you stay at the davenport?! i have to admit, it's on my list of places to stay. i bought some awesome hydrangeas there once. my dad's there right now for a conference, actually- and he RAVES about the rooms.

what a fantastic cake!! that is seriously cool. you win supermom points for that. it amazes me that kids think the things we barely save from disaster are like the greatest things ever! :)

Maren and Blake said...

I have the upmost respect for marathon runners. Rick, you looked just fine at church on Sunday, I would have been passed out in my bed.

Suzie-Q said...

Glad you had a great time in Spokane. Good job Rick! Happy Birthday Oscar! Awesome Cake!