Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hazel update...

First camping trip

She slept like the baby she is...only one night feeding and keeping with the other Edge babies, she slept great in the tent. I think our kids like to all be snuggled up in the same place. To be honest, I don't mind it too much either. Too bad it is so uncomfortable to sleep on ground or maybe we would do it on a permanent basis.

Caught!!! This baby girl keeps finding that thumb and seems to know just what to do with it. I'm not exactly encouraging it, but then, it is pretty cute how she wraps that finger around her nose.

Human Chia-Pet
She is totally this human chia-pet. Her hair is all coming in at the same time and almost all of the longer stuff fell out. People keep asking me if I buzzed her hair...nope, just a little fuzz head. I have to admit that it is PRIME binking real estate.
Ahhh...warms my soul when I see my littles all together. They even tolerated mildly letting me take thier pictures. Hazel seems to like her big sibling too.
And as you can imagine Poppy can't help but love and snuggle and maul the babe.
Little Hazel girl is such a dream baby to have around. She just goes with teh flow and tolerates all sorts of situations. Seriously, I suppose like most parents, our family just wouldn't be right without her.


Suzie-Q said...

She really is a cutie!! I love her hair! I wanted to feel it yesterday just to feel how soft it was, you know baby hair is so soft! I love it.
My Chloe sucked her thumb for a little while but none of the other kids did. Chloe did that grab you nose thingy too, it really is cute!

Maren and Blake said...

The idea of camping with a baby sounds scary. Maybe we should try it if they do sleep well. We do have a big blowup matress that would hopefully make things better.

It's so funny you posted about Hazel the little chia-pet. Blake was just asking if you shaved her head. She is so darling.

Jen said...

i LOVE that hair!!!

ah, camping with a baby. i remember (vaguely) doing that with kellen and worrying the whole time that we'd roll on top of him and squash him. obviously never happened.

kellen was a thumb sucker- he would suck his thumb and keep his pointer finger extended up to his eyebrows.

Traci said...

she is soo cute! what great weather and background for pix!

Rachel said...

very cute pictures. Once we're settled in Spokane we hope to get in many summer camping trips. I hope Eva does just as well as Hazel.