Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poppy days...

(Poppy and Olivia on the trail)
It seems that some weeks have a particular child that is the spot light during the week. The past few weeks have been Poppy weeks...From alergic reactions, recitals, bug bites/stings, and a new bike she has been the family star.
She is the new proud owner of a pretty pink bike, with a basket. She loves to ride. She surprisingly hasn't complained about getting strong legs. She asks to ride frequently, and I sorta wish we didn't live on such a hill so that she could ride a bit easier from our front door.
We went out for a ride on the trail the other day with her good friends Olivia and Lucy.
Last night Poppy rode to the swamp. I think we are training a new Bicycle queen...

(Poppy pooped-out after the dance recital...she fell asleep on the ride home)
She also had her first Dance recital. Being 3 1/2 years old it was no surprise that she was adorable.
We also learned the new art of Recital hair...her dance teacher said we should tie her wispy hair in rags so that we would be able to put it into a side ponytail.This is what her hair looked like the morning afro. It went into the pony tail like a charm. It was hilarious seeing her with such fuzzy hair.

Well, she is a growing fun girl with a bundle of energy and love.
I'm really looking forward to summer!
I'll try to post a bit more's just that life is happening and trying to stop to document is often put on the back burner.

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Lisa B. said...

Awesome!!! remember when we would do my hair like that? but with out the rags:)good times.