Sunday, August 19, 2007

Perfect day!

The Girls

"Alternate" Lentil Fest 2007-

As a child I remember my grandpa Dilworth playing the piano. He would play the prettiest music. One of the songs was called "The End of a Perfect Day". It is more of a ballad, soft hearted song, but after reflecting on yesterday, I would have to sum it up as a Perfect day!

We began our "alternate" tour at 7:30 am. (Alternate, meaning that we opted to start at the half- way point an hour before everyone else, catch up with the actual tour, and then stop back in the middle. We also shortened the ride a bit, and didn't pay the entry fees($20 each)). It was a really nice ride. Here are some shots (before my batteries died) of the ride.

Riders in front of me and behind!

I really feel very blessed to have so many great friends to ride with. I don't know why we haven't done this more regularly.

After our ride, we picked the kids up from our new friends house and went home for Poppy's nap. I went and made the purchase of an ipod nano (which I'm really excited about). After an outing to the store and Poppy waking up we went to the pool.

Sadly, yesterday was the last day of the outdoor pool being open. Oscar has been going off the high dive for the last week and I really wanted to get a picture. But as mentioned previously...the battery was dead! Tonight while putting him to bed I asked him what he felt like when he was going off the high dive. His response was "I was scared at first, and then I didn't think anything."

After swimming we rushed home to eat some cold cereal for dinner. Before heading off to the Lumberg's house for some seasonal blackberry picking! We brought the makings for ice cream and after a belly full of berries and playing with friends we topped the night off with some yummy vanilla ice cream we made with some blackberry/lemon ice cream the Lumberg's made, and some yummy lemon-iccee sorbet that the Weiken's made. It was all delicious and we sat outside this beautiful Victorian house (Lumberg's) with a beautiful country setting, stars shining, kids running through the beautiful green grass. It all made for a picturesque kind of day. A day when you have Lived!

I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband, kids and really great friends. Not to mention the pretty part of the country we live in. The wheat is just being harvested and the skies are a pretty blue. Live is good.


Abby Norman said...

mmm mmm mmm! I love blackberries! I'm very jealous. (Not about the ride, though. I will not ever do that ride again, because I believe that was my first true "bonked" experience.) I hope you have fun with that nano!

Old Warrior said...

Tour De Lentil==ahh, the memories. It was a bit of an up and down experience, however....
Miss you guys. Maybe we can connect at Bruin Pond this Sat.

Tanner's Tales said...

Sounds like a great day! I am excited to see you guys soon!

Jen said...

i love your blog! thanks so much for the link! and this ride rocked. i loved it- shane and i just kept marveling at how many people were in the group and how a majority were 1-couples with kids and 2- mormons who ride! we've never seen either really before meeting you and rick! :)