Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lazy Summer Sampler...

Week two post Marathon...I also had all of my spinning classes canceled for the week. I spent the majority of the week taking a break from real exercise. Yesterday I did do a 10mi run and it felt great! I'm grateful for the nice week-long break.
It was kinda nice not having any schedule to stick to. We spent a bunch of time at home catching up on stuff and hanging out. Here are some tidbits of our week...

Double Dive from the Ricky and Lil'O...A certain sign of summer is spending every evening (or most) at the pool. We look forward to meeting dad there after work.
Oscar and I also went "school shopping" for the first time. I'm sad to see my little boy growing up! He is such a great kid. I"m sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that every piece of clothing he chose was of "hero" variety...I let him choose, which is also a big step (for both of us)!
Big Girl panties!! Potty training Pops...going quite well, she is very interested and stays fairly dry...She also lost all of her Binky's this week. So we have decided not to purchase any more...we are therefore Binky-free (it has been hard on her going to sleep, but tonight she only cried for 1/2 hr rather than 2). I'm not sure I like making these big growing-up steps all at once...she's now no longer a baby!
Spending some time at the river with friends...Poppy actually even did quite well missing her nap. Oscar not pictured due to his exploration along the beach and too busy for me to take a pic!
Ummmmm.....fresh home-made-hand-cranked ice cream! Ricky scored a vintage hand churn ice cream maker on eBay for $30. Tonight was the trial run using Autie Em's tasty recipe.
I'm certain this is the first of many more ice cream making days to come...hopefully my waist doesn't expand with our new addition!

Ice cream recipe...
3 Cup Cream
1 Cup Milk
3 Egg Yolks
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
Vanilla (to taste)
Heat cream and milk until scalding. Beat sugar into yolks. Pour scalding milk into yolks while beating. Add some vanilla (1 tsp-ish) cool.


Traci said...

You guys have been busy- doing lots of fun things! So is Oscar going into kindergarten? That is awesome that Poppy is potty-training too. I know how it feels when they aren't babies anymore. Thank goodness Piper will still cuddle with me. I call her babydoll!

Tanner's Tales said...

My friend told me last week that Will shouldn't have a binki or a bottle anymore, but it is just so nice to rock him to sleep with his bottle or binki. I don't think he's too attatched to either, but he's so cute with it! I have taken the bottle away, but can't do the binki yet. How can I say no when he comes to me and in his sweet little voice says "bebe" (binki)?

mummy said...

great pictures! I want to see the one of Oscar on his first day of school and how about mommy when she waves good-bye. Its good you are lovin up every day!