Saturday, August 11, 2007

Successful 7 &18!!

Today will go down in "My" history as the first successful 18 mi run! I'm certain that most of you will find this a trivial matter, however for me it is a milestone (no pun intended). The lovely Betina and I awoke bright and early and did a nice out and back course through the country wheat fields. It was a beautiful morning and everything (other than an unexpected potty stop) went really well. Tiring as usual, but very nice.
Betina is a great running partner...not only do we keep a good pace together, but we can dive into the meaty important topics of motherhood.

Recently I read an article about a psychiatrist who gives his patients a discount if he can meet with them for counsel, while they run! He said it is a very therapeutic method.
I concurr...can you imagine how great the world would be if everyone took their problems to the pavement? I think biking has a similar effect for those with poor knees...
More important than even a successful 18mi will go down in history as Ricky and My seventh anniversary!! For seven years I have been blessed with the companionship of my favorite guy! He truly pushes me to greater heights and together...I think we make a great team! He is a great father, husband and training partner (even if he runs loops around me).
I often think of my many blessings (some of which will be posted tomorrow) but I really think the greatest blessing I could have, is a really loving supportive husband who really makes this world a better place!
Who knew that in seven years we could accomplish so much???? Here's to many more years of marital bliss!


Abby Norman said...

Ricky is definitely an amazing person, but so are you! I'm so glad to know you guys...and to be related to you! It is such an honor. (Said in a Worf the Klingon voice)

You guys are awesome, and I look up to both of you immensely.

Keep up the great work, both of ya!
And congrats on the anniversary! I can't belive it's been that long!

Traci said...

Happy 7th Anniversary to you guys!!!! That is awesome. Congrats on the 18 miler too!