Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Delights

Can you see the likeness of my fresh apricot-ginger jam and the bucket full of Poppy? They both are an abundance of bottled up sweet/spicy goodness. Speaking of which...I decided to start potty training yesterday...after 10 pairs of undies and a "edge" of frustration, we have morphed into the half-potty trained girl who is currently wearing a pull-up and occasionally will sit on the potty.
Who was I kidding when I thought the "girl"-potty training would go easier than the previous "boy" experience...She is about 6 months earlier than him though. I should also note that she has perfected the art of potty training her two dolls. They now occupy the potty more than she does!
Cut up a variety of different fruit (the more the better). Like a huge fruit salad.
Add enough raw regular oats (no quick-cooking) to the fruit to lightly coat the fruit. (you can add more later if you choose.
Next take a container of Yogurt (any kind but plain) and add until the fruit and oats are well moistened and a goulash looking blend.
For an added tasty goodness we add a little bit of cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg.
Let it sit for 1/2 hour (if you can wait that long) for the oats to soften, and eat!
My kids love the stuff and the leftovers make a great breakfast!
As a child this was the epitome of a summer time dinner. My Mom who is a Swiss miss, used to make this tasty treat on the hot summer days, when you want something more than Popsicles for dinner, but no cooking.
The original recipe looks something like this. My Aunt Sylvia (Mom's sister) had Tuberculosis as a child and was sent to a sanatorium. While there, this is a meal they would frequently feed the patients. If you look at the link I posted, it gives the original recipe (made with milk, cream and honey) and they give a little history to the recipe. I however have modified it slightly and made it into an even simpler summer treat!


Tanner's Tales said...

yeah! I love new food ideas!

Traci said...

We will have to try it out. I was wondering what that was on your plate.

Jamison Fischer said...

MMMMMM. Fruit and Yogurt!
What is that hovering up and to Poppy's right?

Abby Norman said...

Maybe I'll convince Mummy to make this someday.