Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Sampler...

The only problem with vacations, is that you come home with so much to blog about...therefore I have decided to start a weekly series on my blog called...The "Sunday Sampler"(truly this is a knock-off idea, pirated from my friend Betina's "three things Thursday"). It will basically consist of tidbits of our weeks activities.
This week we spent the first half in Utah visiting the in-laws... Oscar and Poppy had a magnificent time spending every waking moment being loved by the grandparents.
In fact one night as I was getting Oscar ready for bed he said "Grandma and Grandpa are so busy loving me!"
That pretty much sums it up...grandpa and ma spoil them until they can't take it any longer and then put them to bed. Only to rise the next morning and start again.
Meanwhile Ricky and I spend some time out running a marathon, getting our hair cut etc...
Then we come back to the house and eat tons of food! That is what happens at the Grandparents house...GOOD FOOD! Homemade ice cream, panini's, lasagna, etc... We get so spoiled that is it hard to come back home.
Ah, and being at grandma's house with the beautiful gardens and chickens makes one want to sit back on the patio and watch the days go by...
Tomorrow...back to reality and laundry!
The latter part of the week we spent getting back to normal...we still aren't there. Yesterday we went to a bluegrass festival and had some tasty vegetarian food at the Green Frog Cafe.
We also spent some time on our was a welcomed change in pace from our regular long-run Saturdays. We rode to the farmers market and picked up some yummy corn, blueberries, basil and bread. Oh, how I love fresh produce!!!


Traci said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Always a pleasure visiting fam too! I heart farmers markets!

Abby Norman said...

I love the pictures!
It was wonderful to have you guys come over and visit.

Lisa B. said...

i know and you always see the nicest poeple there