Monday, July 16, 2007


Tonight we made it official...We both registered for the Marathon!! After a prolonged debate about doing the marathon, I have decided I'm going to do it!
I was for some time feeling like this marathon was not meant to be...Seriously, I was experiencing all these annoying little set backs. Then I thought to myself...Rather than thinking that all of these things were signs not to do the marathon. Instead, I thought it must be a test to see just how badly I want to do it.
In fact as I began my run on Saturday, I managed to trip on a crack in the sidewalk and totally face planted in the superman pose. (I now have some sweet road rash on my knee and hands) After gaining my composure, I had my moment of clarity...I could either turn around and go back to the farmer's market with Ricky and kids and forfeit the marathon...Or I could pick myself up off the ground, and do the ten miles.
I did it and it was good. I haven't had a "good" long run in a bit, so that's saying something...
I then got an antibiotic for a UTI I had been ignoring, and suddenly I feel like a new person... Like the light at the end of the tunnel...Yes! I have renewed faith in the power of prayer and desire.
To top it off we are using the Marathon as a means to raise money for a family we know that is in now I HAVE to do it.
I'm grateful to be running for a cause, because in a week from tomorrow, on mile 22, I will think of this family and will be happy that I chose to run.


Traci said...

Way to go Collette! Good smart thinking. Bummer about the fall, but hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here on out!

climbingrocks said...

super tough...road rash is the worst. someone might as well come up and squirt lemon juice on the gash.