Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If these were your shoes...

I love to run, especially with my husband...It doesn't even matter that he is faster or better at it than I, it is something we really like doing together.
For the past 4 months we've been training for a marathon...and as previously posted, up until our 18 mile training run, it was all on schedule and doing great!
Since then, I've been trying to nurse a hurt ankle/foot back to good health. (Spending a lot more time swimming and biking to fill my running void and to stay up to training intensity. ) To this I would say that I have healed somewhat, but not fully.
So, here is the question...for a marathon that is in two weeks...would you still run it or not?
The pain is not too bad while running...only after.
There is another marathon I want to run in September, however I really want to do BOTH.
Do I sit this one out, and let Rickster do it, while I sit enviously on the side-lines wishing that I too were running it?
Do I buck up and do the marathon and if my ankle gets too bad, I can just hop on the sag wagon?
Not only did I practically peak successfully on my miles (only having to miss the 20 miler)...meaning that the injury occurred at the perfect time to start tapering...After all this training time I want to reach my goal!
One side of me says to sit it out and hang on for the next...but what if my ankle still isn't better? Then I would have missed doing the 24th marathon for nothing! What if I do this marathon and then injure myself worse, then I won't be able to do the September one?
I'm wondering, what you would do if you were in my same situation. Would you run it or not??? Any feedback would be great! Last day to register is later this week and I have to decide.
Meanwhile, I spend my days vacillating between the two options...to run or not to run...that is the question!
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Lisa B. said...

Man.. that is a good one. If you had already registered i'd say do it for sure and stop if you feel it's hurting you too much. but since you havent you could do the september one. I think I would do the one you want to run the most, and if you feel ok come september then all is well. or the other way around.

OW said...

good advice from the short one!

climbingrocks said...

running is way nice. its fun going with lisa too, last night we went and i ran with my climbing pack and hiking boots to get ready for rainier. lisa was on her bike so i felt like rocky. you guys are machines!

Abby Norman said...

hmmm...that's a very good question. Unfortunately, I struggle with distance running. Anything over a mile kills me!
To run or not to run?
I'd probably run, then if it starts hurting me at all, stop.
Then I'd pray that it gets all the way better by september.
September is a ways off...
I don't know!

Betina said...

I think I would give the July marathon a try. But keep the "sag wagon" on the back of your mind if the pain surges too much.

I think you shoule DEFINETLY run the Septmeber one, but I think this is for selfish reasons.